Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've seen t-shirts where people proclaim which team they're on.
I've heard the arguments of both sides.
I've sympathized with the feelings of those caught in between.
I've tried to remain aloof, neutral.

But it is time to choose.
Time to pick which team I will be on.
Time to stop waffling and decide already.

But first, it is necessary to present both sides as I see them.

First there is team Edward. (Sorry, yes I'm talking about Twilight)

He's totally H.O.T.(I'm talking book Edward, not movie Edward)
He loves Bella more than anything else.
He has super speed, super strength, super hearing and vision-oh, and he can read minds.
But, he's a vampire.

Second there's team Jacob.

He's pretty cute too.(Book Jacob,not movie Jacob)
He loves Bella.
He has super speed, strength, hearing and vision.
And he's a werewolf.

The biggest difference that I see between them, the reason I would choose Edward over Jacob, is that while Jacob loves her, it seems more in a selfish way.
She matters to him, but not above all else.
His love for her seems more about him then it does about her.

Edward sees only Bella. He would do anything for her, to save her.
His love for her is all about her and what's best for her.
His love seems more sacrificing and selfless, to me.

And because of that selfless way Edward loves Bella, I can relate to it.
Because that, my dear friends, his how Jeff feels about me.

I can feel it in every look, every touch, every kiss from him.
The ways in which he chooses me over himself.
The sacrifices he makes for my happiness.

So ultimately, there is only one team I could choose.
One team that epitomizes all that I want, need and dream about.
My team would be....

Team Jeff. Always.

(After a messy battle of donuts on a string)
(Obviously Jeff has chosen sides as well)


  1. I totally get it. I'm team Brad all the way for the exact same reasons you mentioned.

    But for the books and movie? Team Jacob baby!

  2. I am making a Team James....... HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Well until they ripped his head off and burned him up.....

  3. Mom and I just saw New Moon in the theatres. It was good.


  4. Awwww!!

    If it confirms what you already know, I saw an interview with Kristen Stewart, who said...that it is indeed Edward who is better for Bella.

  5. Amy, I freaking love you. Everything about you and everything you write about. You are so my hero. Yes you are great!!!!


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