Friday, November 20, 2009


When Charlie was 18 months old, he weighed 36 pounds.
He was a TANK.
He continued to grow and grow.

Two weeks after Charlie turned 3, we went to Disneyworld.
He was tall enough to go on all but 2 rides.

When he was 3, he was as tall as most of the 5 year olds we knew.

(Here's Charlie 2 months after he turned 3. Julia and Charlie are 2 1/2 years apart, just to give you a reference point)

People would talk to him, hear the garbly speech of our 3 year old, they would look at his size and think he was a 5 year old, then look at this kid's poor parents with sympathy that our child was delayed.

I got very adept at working into conversations that Charlie was only 3.
A look of surprise and sudden understanding would come across their face.

This has continued even until now.

(Here is Charlie this summer, exactly 4 years later.)

I still find a way to tell people Charlie's current age. He is so tall that people assume he is a 4th or 5th grader.

Which means they think they are looking at a 10 year old acting like a 7 year old.

We have had to put out little "fires" on the school bus, in the neighborhood, educating people as to Charlie's age.

Please don't misunderstand, we still expect him to behave himself, to be kind and make good choices. We have tried to help him understand that he is bigger than, most everybody, so he needs to be a gentle giant. But there are just some things that are age typical, especially for boys, and if someone doesn't know what your age is, then they certainly won't understand what is age appropriate.

I have often heard shorter people discuss what it is like to not be able to reach the top shelf in your own kitchen.
To have people think you are a little kid when you are older. (Something that is only a positive as you hit your 30's, I would think)
To be too short as an adult to have the airbags on.

Not being height challenged, I can only imagine that would be frustrating.

But watching my son constantly battle misunderstandings because he is a giant, has taught me a lesson.

The old addage that you can't judge a book by it's cover is true.

No matter what we think we may know about a person, or their individual situation, we really have no clue.

Like the guy who literally chased down Charlie and his friend because he thought the way they were playing too rough with his son (which they probably were). Maybe it's more than just a stand off between a grown, ex-military man and 2 seven year olds. Maybe he really has other issues that have nothing to do with my son. I'm choosing not to judge that.

I have also learned that when your child is bigger than other kids his age, that you should always let the parents of his friends know how old he is before they walk home from school together. That way no one will chase him and his friend and scare the daylights out of them. (I'm letting go of this, really, can't you tell? You don't believe me? Me neither)

Am I making excuses for my son? Darn tootin.

Because I just wanted the public to be educated to the fact that giants are people too.

So don't be afraid of the giants, they're probably more afraid of you then you are of them.


  1. All four of my kids are freakishly tall (something that happens when daddy is pushing 6'5") so I totally relate to what you're saying. Two of the four are also freakishly skinny so it's quite a battle up in here. Whatever size they are, they're freaking adorable and that's all that matters!

  2. maddie has this problem FOR SURE. people think she is my age, but she is only 14. she'll come hang out with me at school and my friends will make passes at her, and i'm like "SHE'S FOURTEEEEN!"

  3. One of the girl missionaries that was in our ward thought I was 13. And I came for Activity Days once, and we had a new primary president, and she thought I was 12and there for Young Womens. But I am only 10! Well, 11 in like, 2 weeks, but I really agree with you Aunt Amy!


  4. So sorry people are so misunderstanding. Good luck letting it go...

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today.

  5. oh amy, i so feel for you on this one. our own charlie, just turned three, is a giant as well. the public health nurse, when she weighed and measured him last year, actually called him a giant (esp. compared to his other older, average-sized siblings). he weighs four lbs more than his sister, who is 3 years older. last year, when he fell into the pool and i pulled him out, someone actually asked me why he couldn't swim yet. at the age of two, he was often mistaken for a badly-behaved kindergartener and reprimanded as such for racing down the halls and trying to jump on the mini-trampolines propped against the wall. our poor boys...and you are telling me it doesn't go away. oh man.

  6. This makes me love you and your mothers heart soooooooo much!!! I'm so sorry for what you had to go thru with this....


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