Monday, November 16, 2009

Childhood 101

On Saturday I won a million dollars.
On Saturday I lost 20 pounds.
On Saturday got my house 100% organized.
On Saturday Jeff announced he would be working from home.

Ok, so none of those things happened. But something happened that was sooo good it almost felt as good as those things would have, if they had happened.

On Saturday, while we were eating lunch, Henry started doing a little dance in his seat. Then he announced to me, "I have to go potty".

Although I was highly skeptical since we have not started training yet and because he's never peed in the potty, I took him anyway, just to humour him.

Well guess what? He totally did it. Yes he did.

It was momentous, joyous, stupendous, and wonderous all rolled into one.

And he has done it enough times since that I am highly optimistic this is the real deal.

What better gift could a 3 year old give to their mother? None. Cuz nothings as good as no more diapers, that's what I say.

Now we just have to work on aim. For the next 3 years or so.


  1. That IS amazing! I can't wait to be diaper free...

  2. We just got there (no more diapers) and it's better than losing 20 lbs.

  3. Celebration! If you discover any good "aim" tips do blog them please.

  4. way to go Hank! I am so proud of you!..Amy..boys/men never get the aim right until you make THEM clean the toliets!

  5. yay Henry! If you want a VERY gently used red Dora & Boots potty seat (that sits on the big potty) for the second step of training, it's all yours...

  6. Awesome, that sounds like stuff of dreams!

  7. Yah!!! I'm so amazed at how much he looks like Charlie!! Potty training is one thing I am not looking foward to , but if Emma can do as well as Henry....

  8. Did Henry get my congratulations present?

  9. He got it today and loves them!!! He's sleeping with the whole pack! and wearing one pair.


  10. Yeah!! I can't resist the charm of Monkeys dressed as humans!


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