Friday, November 13, 2009

Mothers Who Know

This is an excerpt from a talk given by Julie B. Beck two years ago. She is the President of the Relief Society for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I live by this talk, most days.

Mothers Who Know

"When mothers know who they are and who God is and have made covenants with Him, they will have great power and influence for good on their children.

Mothers who know

Desire to Bear Children
Women who desire and work toward that blessing in this life are promised they will receive it for all eternity, and eternity is much, much longer than mortality.

Mothers who know

Honor Sacred Ordinances and Covenants
They know that if they are not pointing their children to the temple, they are not pointing them toward desired eternal goals.

Mothers who know

Are Nurturers
They create a climate for spiritual and temporal growth. Home is where women have the most power and influence. Nurturing requires organization, patience, love and work.

Mothers who know

Are Leaders
They lead a great and eternal organization; plan for the future of their organization; build children into future leaders; and maximize their influence where it matters most.

Mothers who know

Are Teachers
They are always teachers. They are never off duty.

Mothers who know

Do Less
They permit less of what will not bear good fruit eternally; are willing to live on less in order to spend more time with their children; choose carefully and do not try to choose it all. Their goal is to prepare a rising generation of children who will take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the entire world.

Mothers who know

Stand Strong and Immovable
They do not give up during difficult and discouraging times.

There is eternal influence and power in motherhood."

These are just the highlights that I have framed in my living room. The entire talk, which I highly recommend, you can read here.

I share this with you today because I was not a Mother who knows this morning. And I regret it terribly. I was angry, I allowed stress to cloud my reasoning and judgment and I spoke harshly to the children that I adore and love. I was unreasonable and I hurt the feelings of my sweet little 6 year old.

I apologized to her on the way to the bus stop. I promised I wouldn't let that happen again and I kissed and hugged her. But is it really possible for it to be alright? I know that you want to say that children's memories are short and they forgive easily. I wish that to be true.

But we all know, having been both children and now parents, that we do remember. Unfortunately we remember the times we were yelled at, or had our feelings hurt. Especially when it is by someone we love and trust.

I also apologized to my Heavenly Father. I told Him that I am sorry that I treated his precious child that way. That I will work with all my heart to be better than that.

So from this moment on today, I can still be a Mother who knows. A mother who corrects her mistakes as quickly as she can, who strives to be better, to show her children love and guidance and teaches them with kindness, not harsh words.

I don't share this to publicly flog myself. I just know that most of us have those days. And that today started out one of those days for me, but it doesn't have to end that way. I refuse to let it.

Today, I will be a Mother who knows.


  1. Once again Amy, you have been an answer to my prayers. I have been like a mother who knows nothing this morning. I feel like I usually do okay, but when I have a bad day... boy is it bad. The Lord knew I needed some compassion, understanding and lifting from someone, somewhere and that was you. So thank you for getting both of us back on track. I love that talk too and I'm trying to really understand and apply it everyday. I've been thinking I need to hang it up in my house too!

  2. Sister Beck is so amazing! And I must say you are, too. I have days like that more than days like a mother who knows....Sister Beck came to our Stake a few months ago and she gave the most amazing "talk" it was more of a discussion and she really is awesome. I am so grateful to have women like her guiding us through these trying times! thanks for sharing that with me, we all need little reminders that we are not the only ones who do things they totally regret. I really miss you, there are very few people in the world who have the ability to really change people but you are one of those people. I think about you all the time and I miss being able to hand out with you and talk about our kids. Sam is turning 12 next week and it would be fun to watch Kate going into Young Women with Sam. Love you and know that I think you are a mother who knows...or you wouldn't know you didn't know...ya know!!

  3. Love this post and love that talk! You gave it such a beautiful tribute. I should hang it up in my house too...great idea. You are a wonderful mother. I miss you.


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