Tuesday, November 10, 2009


With 6 children in a house, and one slightly OCD mother, there tends to be a lot of switching around of rooms. Of who sleeps with who, of arrangement of the furniture and so forth.

For a long time Henry and Charlie slept in the same room. Until we realized that Henry may never fall asleep until ten in the same room with Charlie.

So we moved Henry in with Nora. That worked very well. It would have continued to work well except I got the great idea that I should have a room in the house for my stuff. Sewing, scrapbooking, exercise equipment type stuff. Stuff that is currently being housed in my bedroom. Where I don't want it. Where I look at it and growl and mutter things under my breath about lack of organization and everything not being in it's place. What was I talking about?

Soooo, I moved Nora in with Anne Marie. And after receiving the gracious gift of bunk beds from Jeff's parents,I made plans to move Henry back in with Charlie.

Now, the bunk beds had been stored in a shed for a while and had been well loved before that. So I decided to change them from their current oak color into something else. Jeff's dad told me I could go girlify them, or whatever it is I do. :)

So for two weeks, I cleaned, lightly sanded, and painted the bunkbeds. A nice blue color, cuz they're boys. Jeff normally doesn't care what color I choose, he just requested that they not be white, cuz that's for girl bunkbeds, not boys.

We also purchased new springs for the springy support thing that holds the mattresses, because a lot of them were missing, and we bought bunky boards-sheets of masonite-to go under the mattresses. When all was said and done we had this:

I'm pretty pleased with them, I must say. Now the best part? Jeff's dad and his brother slept in these.
Then Jeff and Dave slept in them.
And now Charlie and Henry are sleeping in them.

Three generations of Allen boys in these wagonwheel bunkbeds.

They're a little rickety, and they squeak, but your nose doesn't hit the ceiling like the new bunkbeds and they come with a history not rivaled anywhere else.

In fact, I sanded off the final remains of the stickers that Jeff and Dave stuck on them when they were kids. And I'm sure Grandpa has his own stories about these beds.

And greater still, Henry falls asleep soundly in his bed, and then when Charlie comes in there is no waking up of the little brother. Charlie quietly reads as Henry saws logs.

Now Anne Marie and Nora, that is a different story. After getting Anne Marie's room all decorated and pink in preparation for Nora (which I will reveal tomorrow), they lasted exactly one week before the same problem that used to happen with Charlie and Henry started happening with Anne Marie and Nora. Either Nora would wake up when Anne Marie came to bed, or they would keep eachother up late playing.

So now Nora is back in her own room. And I still have a sewing table, treadmill, weights and punching bag in my bedroom.

Somebody help me. Seriously. Any ideas?


  1. Benadryl? Just kidding : ) Good luck!

  2. The beds look great. They really needed a new facelift and the bunky boards were a great idea.

    As for the sleeping problem. Can you get Nora to wear earplugs and an eye mask?

  3. melatonin - and i'm not kidding. give each girl 1/2 pill at their bedtime for about 2 weeks...then they should be in a routine and you won't need it anymore. except periodically. it costs about $6 at health food stores.

  4. I love the bunk beds! I was wondering how big is Nora's room? I saw on HGTV a lady with a similar problem.They just divided the room and put the kids stuff in one section and the other stuff in the other area. Now I dont know how much stuff you were planning to put in there but it might work. It would also be a good idea to go through the stuff and see how much of it you really want to keep and would use. Good luck!

  5. explain to Anne Marie that everyone SHARES a room..Kate/Julia, Charlie/Henry. You/Jeff. Anne Marie/Nora. Then the extra room should have your stuff, and one thing from everyone it is a room shared by ALL ( but mainly you) tell her also that her Gramma Granger shared a room with her younger sister as well,, neither of us liked it but we did it anyway as we did pretty much what we were told. Underline pretty much..

  6. We are having the same problem at our house!! I have decided my room will never look like a room, more like a collection/storage/catch-all room. I don't think any of my kids sharing a room is a good idea, unfortunately I don't want my kids in the basement, two floors below me either. Oh the joys of raising a family!! The bunk beds look great though. It reminded me of when you painted your kitchen table and chairs, you are ambitious!!


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