Monday, September 24, 2012

Going to Janey's house

Lack of good parenting aside, Nora made me smile this morning.

I drove Anne Marie to the bus stop this morning, which is still in our neighborhood. Henry and Nora were still sleeping but Charlie was home so I didn't worry about the 5 minutes I was gone.

Why was Charlie home, Jeff is asking? Because he begged and promised to clean all day. And I need his help. So don't judge me:)

On the way back from the bus stop, this is what I see walking down the sidewalk on our street.

Me: "What are you doing Nora?"

Nora:"I want to go to Janey's house."

Me: "Um...were you trying to walk there by yourself?" Panic!!!!!

Nora: "Noooo Mom. I was coming to find you so you can TAKE me there!"

Oh phew. You weren't trying to walk there, but you did get yourself ready and left the house without anyone knowing.

Why would that freak me out? Oh, because you're 4 and the world is scary.

Anyone else have those "good" parenting days?


  1. You are such a good mom and not a bit of this story hints otherwise! (And I do love Nora's fashion sense.)

  2. When our sweet, darling little 15 month old daughter Amy was suddenly missing one Sunday afternoon many, many years ago, we went into panic mode. She was wearing her cute red dress with little white polka dots. Way across 2 streets we saw her, holding the hand of a white-haired gentleman who was obviously searching for her parents. Sweet little Amy had a key in her hand and was apparently thinking she would walk to the Post Office to get the family mail. Anyone want to guess who that sweet little Amy girl is?????


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