Friday, September 28, 2012

6 years already.

Six years ago I was sitting, watching my new baby boy as he lay in his bili box. Blue lights shining, a little mask over his eyes so he could sleep.

Even though Henry was a whopping 8 pound 10 ounces, he was still early by 3 weeks. This tends to produce jaundice, especially in boys.

I never took a picture of him in that box because it made me so sad. He had to be in it for most of the day, and for a child that only wanted to be held from the moment he was born, it seemed to cruel to document it.

Charlie couldn't stand it either. He wanted to hold his baby brother. He had waited soooo long for a brother.

Of course now that he is ok and no longer endures heel pricks every other day, I can look on it without sorrow and I wish I had a picture. But oh well.

Henry is now 6. What?! You'd think I would stop being shocked by the aging of my children by now. But it still produces feelings of joy, surprise, happiness and panic when I realize how fast time is going by.

But who can fear the boy with bronzy hair and dimples and big blue eyes. (Which are hard to see beneath the red eye. You'd think a program that lets me use a speech bubble would let me remove red eye. Oh well).

Henry wanted a Ninjago party this year. If you don't know what Ninjago is, then you probably don't have a 6 year old boy:)

Ninjago are Lego Ninjas. I know, right?

I attempted to copy the eyes and mask of a Ninjago. Henry loved it, so I tried not to judge it by my normal standards. But for some reason the decorations and cake were really hard for me. Again, oh well. He loved it, which made it a success.

Henry, like my other children, has a gift for being extremely excited about his presents. I don't think it's that we've trained them in any special way, it's that they poor kids hardly get anything other than on birthdays and Christmas. Of course they're excited!

We're on a super hero kick this year. Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Ninjago and Captain America. I personally wouldn't put them all in the same category of super hero, but who am I to judge the dreams of a little boy? :)

I can hardly believe how big he is now. In kindergarten, riding the bus, being away from Mommy.


The nice thing about kindergarten and Henry being gone is that quite suddenly, he adores me again. For the past 3 years he has been almost exclusively, a daddy's boy. Only wanted daddy to put him to bed, to read to him, to bathe him. He in fact told me that he didn't want to hurt my feelings but, "I kind of like dad the best."


Then suddenly, being away from me for a few hours a day, produced some sort of desire to show me how much he loves me.

Now he wants to snuggle with me, hug me, kiss me, and he ASKS for me!!! For ME!!! It's honestly a big deal as anyone in our house could tell you. He still loves his dad, but all of a sudden I've been promoted!

This little man is so awesome. Not cute. Don't ever call him cute. He hates that. But he will take awesome as a compliment any day.

He is an amazing dancer. No joke. He inherited his dad's dance moves and style.

He has an adorable giggle that makes everyone laugh. He is squishy and sweet and for some reason his hair always smells good. Seriously, no matter how long it's been since he had a bath. I know that will change some day, but for now I'm enjoying it.

Each of our children bring something special to our family, and Henry's tenderness, love of fun, and dimpled smile are just a few of the joys he brings to our family.

Happy Birthday little man. You're the best!!

(Cheesy smile courtesy of my mother who gave him the biggest container of cheese puffs in existence!)


  1. You're such a great mom! I am jealous of your children's gift reactions...we have a rule you only get things for birthdays and Christmas too and I still don't get the absolute outburst of emotion I am always hoping for...I get a sly smile, a quiet thank you and if I'm really lucky a heartfelt, 'Oh, Cool!'

  2. You are so awesome! Cake looks great!!!

  3. Your Lego eyes are awesome! Sadie and I miss that boy! His laugh is infectious ...Happy Birthday Henry!

  4. My boys hair ALWAYS smells like wet dog. No kidding. Even freshly clean, I can still smell a little wet dog in there. Woof. No. Really. Woof.


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