Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anne Marie

A few things happened this summer that reminded me how quickly life goes by.

One is that Anne Marie turned 9.

We moved into this house 4 years ago right before she started kindergarten.

It used to be such a struggle to get her to go to school. She hated it and she would celebrate when she made it 2 weeks straight without staying home.

Now, she is still my sweet snuggly girl, but she loves her friends and has grown soooo independent.

Anne Marie was my most difficult pregnancy. Not because of her, but because I contracted a bacteria that was harmless to her but that already made me sick. So adding that on top of my normal morning sickness made me the most sick of any of the six kids. Because of the kind of antibiotics I had to take, it had to wait until she was born.

So my memories of her pregnancy are not necessarily easy ones. But she made it all worth it and ended up being my easiest baby.

She would wake up from naps and not even cry. I finally would go check on her and she would just be staring at the ceiling. She almost never cried or spit up or anything. It was such a gift since I had a rambunctious 17 month old as well.

So now she is 9. And tomorrow she will be 18 and going to college. Don't think  I don't know how fast it goes by!

For her ninth birthday we wanted to do something special. The girl is a tether ball fanatic. But trying to buy one proved either stupidly expensive, or the more economical ones were flimsy and easily broken.

So searching the web we found this site and made her a sturdy, super heavy, never going anywhere, tether ball in a tire set!

Anne Marie is a gracious girl. She expresses joy over everything people give her.

Anne Marie makes life interesting for everyone in her life. She has boundless energy and has so many ideas and desire to bring those ideas to life.

She is never bored. Ever. I have honestly never heard her say that in her entire life. She can always find something to do and be content doing it. She is quite an amazing girl and we are so grateful that she is part of our family.

Happy Birthday Anne Marie-Heavenly Father knew what a gift you would be to our family, and we're forever grateful!


  1. Oh my goodness has she grown up over the summer!! Happy birthday beautiful young lady!

  2. she's so beautiful! sure love her!


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