Thursday, September 20, 2012

13 years

Something happened 13 years ago. My second child, our second daughter, was born.

She came closest to her due date of anyone, perfectly content to hang out until SHE was ready.

We had two names picked out. When Kate came to the hospital, we gave her all the power of naming her new baby sister. Out of the two names she chose Julia. And she was spot on.

This little bug came into the world with chubby, dimpled cheeks and a disposition so bright, animated and hilarious, that we all fell in love with her.

Kate and Julia quickly became the best of friends and that continues to this day.

So what do you get for a 13 year old girl for her birthday? If I had all the money in the world then buying gifts for teenagers would be super easy.

But since Julia is pretty low key, non-fussy, her list was simple.

A horse cake. Looks like, not made of.

Something to play her ipod on, a bike (thank you grandparents!) and a fedora.

We happily obliged.

Contrary to popular belief that girls start out easy and then get hard as teenagers, that is not the case with my girls.

I could not ask for easier teenagers. Seriously. Very low drama, happy, affectionate and loving. Good grades, helpful, kind.  I don't make this stuff up folks. I would just leave this part out if I had less than stellar things to say.

Julia has been a bright spot in our family since day one. Her facial expressions, bright ideas, enthusiasm for new things (except food:), her crazy, cool fashion sense and her ability to laugh at life make her one of a kind.

I see good things ahead for this girl, my shining star.

Happy Birthday Julia, you go after whatever your little heart desires:)


  1. I can't believe you have two teenagers! Man how time flies.

    I hope she had a fantastic day!

  2. happy birthday julia!! give her my love :)

  3. They are growing up fast, even in just the past few years. The bike looks like the Huffy Cranbrook! I love it! I've been thinking about getting it for a while now. I found a bike trailer at Target that matches to haul the little one and the dog if I can secure him away from the baby: - Sharon B

    1. That's exactly what it is Sharon. She loves it!

  4. Happy birthday to Julie from Uncle Dave!

  5. love that girl! i still think of her when i have ranch on anything besides salad.

  6. Thanks everybody! My birthday was great!

  7. Grandpa Granger LOVES how much Julia understands government and politics. He is amazed at Julia's knowledge and the depth of her grasp of such complex topics.

  8. I love to hear this Amy, I have high hopes for an amazing relationship with my daughter as a teen :-)


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