Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother of the Year. Or not.

I entered a contest through the Today Show for Mother's Day.

Not because I think I'm a fantastic mother, but because the prize was $112,000!!!!!

They asked entrants to write a 200 word essay on Motherhood.

First of all, 200 words is not very much.

Second of all, I really wish I had won.

But as a gift to my mom and mother-in -law, sister and sisters-in law and all my beautiful friends, here is my essay on Mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

"Mother of the year?  Who would consider herself so?

 Is it title-worthy to change the diapers of six children? To love, bathe, cuddle, feed, teach, nurture and watch over six distinct personalities? 


Are there accolades and glory in comforting  a child whose feelings are hurt, who was treated unkindly, didn’t get the part they wanted, or discovers life is unfair?

Probably not.

Is there an award I don’t know about for cooking approximately 17,000 meals to date?  Can that award be made of chocolate?

If I received an award, would it make any sweeter all of the firsts I’ve enjoyed? 

The newborn smell, kisses from a one year old, my darlings snuggling their way between their daddy and I, and loose teeth?

On the top of this award can we list all the sleepless nights, volunteering at school, helping with homework, play dates, potty training, time in the car, loss of privacy and forfeiture of having a bag of M&M’s all to myself?

And most importantly, is there an award for how much bigger my heart is after 14 years?

Because they didn't have to share what love I had, my heart just grew to fit them all."


  1. I love it! So perfect Amy. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Thank you Amy, And Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thank you for my gift!

  3. Love it. And I bet that all six of your children think of you as the number one Mom of the Year. You're amazing like that.

  4. That has to be the darned cutest thing I have read/seen in a long time. You should've won for sure! I wish you 112,000 dollars worth of chocolate--that is a LOT of chocolate, even if you ordered it straight from Switzerland! Love you!

  5. LOVED this. you are my fav :) happy mother's day!


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