Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crazy, wonderful week

I have been out of the blogging world for a little bit. Some of it has been sheer busy-ness.

In our church, I serve as a leader over the young women. It requires my attendance in class on Sunday, Wednesday activities, girls camp, and whatever else comes up.

But for the past 5 months, we have been preparing for a dance festival. A dance festival involving 1200 youth from Seattle, Federal Way, Kent, Maple Valley, Renton and Auburn.

These kids practiced and practiced for months, and then on Saturday they performed for parents, friends, family and strangers at the ShoWare center in Kent.

It was phenomenal. I was blessed to be able to chaperone most of the day. We arrived at 7:30, rehearsed for the first time all together with the other youth from around western Washington, and then the kids performed at 3:30 and 6:30.

My job was to stay with my 11 girls all day. And then help them with their costume changes in the 3 minutes they had between numbers.

And let me tell you, 3 minutes is not very much time! I was tired and sweaty by the end of it and I didn't even perform!

The week leading up to dance festival was nuts. The kids had rehearsal Tues, Wed. and Thurs.

Jeff was helping to teach the boys their dance, the Haka,(google it, it's AWESOME!) so he was there some nights, and I was there on a different night.

Then Friday, Charlie had a track meet.  He's been going to track practice at the elementary school for a few weeks. And then they had one track meet with other elementary schools at the end.

We learned that he doesn't love it. But he stuck it out and learned a lot.

Henry and Nora had their own races in between. It was also crazy hair day! No really. His hair doesn't normally look like that. I swear!!!

Saturday morning Kate and Julia and I left the house around 7. It was honestly one of the best days ever. Despite being tired, despite me getting in a little argument with a grumpy lady, and despite having to bust some kids trying to sneak into the dance that was held afterwards for all of the participants, :(, it was so fun and I will never have a bad attitude about dance festival ever again.

Not that I EVER had a bad attitude about all the practices. *ahem*

My girls were lovely. My own flesh and blood girls, and my girls that I get to go to church with every week. I love all of them!!!!

Kate doing the HULA!!

The HAKA!!!!


Julia doing the beautiful fan dance!!

It was really an amazing thing to be part of. To be in one place with that many LDS youth was a highlight in my life. To be around that many kids who have high standards and values, who love their Savior and strive to do what's right, what could be better?

Sunday we were all a little tired, but after some nap time and a mostly relaxed day yesterday (except for a hike, which is a story for tomorrow!) we are recovered and ready for a back to normal schedule.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. looks like fun! the haka? i'll have to google that!

    i've missed you blogging!! we spent the weekend working outside--can't wait to hear about the hike. it's always great to hear about a good hike in the area!!

  2. I was beginning to really miss you lady!! I assumed it was "just" the end of the year crazy that comes with kids in school, NOT all THAT!! WOW!!

  3. The Haka was my favorite!!!


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