Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lovely friends

Notice anything different?

Wait, how could you. I haven't shown you my new entry way. I get bored, we know this about me. So I re-did the entry way a few months back.

It's a little more colorful and reflects my personality more than this. 

But the new addition? That green frame? Look closer.

This lovely swirl drawing is by my good, awesome, wonderful friend Frances, of Just Frances.

She makes these indredibulous drawings for those she loves. Me.

Yes, I'm bragging.

 It takes her about 5 days to complete a drawing.  And when you look really close you can see why. It's perfect. And she does it all freehand. Any attempts by myself to do such a thing would only end in messy, scribbly frustration.

And she color coordinated it to my house!

I got it in the mail on Tuesday, and by Tuesday afternoon it had a new frame and is hanging in my entryway.

Do I love it? Just a little bit. I think she should sell them. But I'm not sure she could charge enough to match the effort and the gloriousness of them.

Anyway, maybe if you beg her, or offer her lots of money, you can own one too.

But either way, I had to show it off. Seriously, love it.

And if you want to see a video of the process, go here.

Thank you dearest Frances!!!!


  1. Amy, I am so very pleased that you like it. It was so enjoyable creating this for you and it warms my heart to know that you're enjoying it so much!

  2. I have a stack of books on a cake plate too!!! We are twinners, for sure.

    That illustration is beautiful. Love the design and colors.

  3. Love it! Talented Just Frances!

  4. good looking entry! Something in your pics always sticks out to me and I use it later.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What shall i do, nobody knows :)


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