Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We love the theatre!

Kate was in a fun-tastic play last weekend called "Let's hang him and read the will!"

It was fun to see her shine and look so dang beautiful! Honestly, her grandparents and Jeff and I all gasped a little at how she looked when she walked onto the stage.

I won't even go into the plot because it was a funny murder/mystery that left you a little confused, on purpose I think.

But my favorite part was that all the parts were played by girls. And the girls who played boys? They got it down! They were taught to walk like boys, use boy-ish mannerisms. I forgot from time to time that they were, in fact, girls. They pulled it off beautifully.

It was so fun. Everyone did really well. The best part of the night though, was when Charlie, who was sitting right at the front of our table (it was dinner theatre) got distracted by the spotlight and started to put his hand up to do shadow puppets, or something.

Jeff and I were on that in a second. And you should have seen the sheepish grin he gave us. He forgot where he was momentarily and the spotlight became a huge flashlight in his mind. Silly, wonderful boy.

My kids are all super supportive of each other. Julia was so supportive that she stayed home with Henry and Nora so that Kate could have her parents at opening night. (She got to see it the next day). Charlie and Anne Marie posed with Kate, and Charlie even let Kate kiss him! But I promised not to put that on the blog:(
It's rather fantastic, and I am super lucky to have such great kids!

Bravo Kate!


  1. Kate you rock! It was so fun watching your play! You all did wonderful. I laughed the whole time! Hooray!

  2. KATE is amazingly beautiful!! What a fantastic family you have!!!!

  3. Kate, you are awesome! And in the play too! Amy was right about everything! Kate stunned us when she came out. Beautiful Girl! Such an amazing job she did! I loved the whole play! Proud Grandmother!

  4. Kate, you are so beautiful!! And such a loving sister. I'm going to show this post to my kids when they get home from school and maybe a bit of the sentiment in that photo of you loving on Anne Marie will rub off on them...just a little bit? You should be so proud of yourself for that! Congrats on the success of your play!


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