Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Challenges are, well, challenging and a GIVEAWAY

My downstairs is still clean! Yay!!!!

My mostly so. The back log of laundry has taken longer than expected to catch up on. But we will conquer today! And I'm not giving up. It will just take a little longer to reach the perfection I so desire. But I am committed!

And just because it's Spring Break for us, and just because it's Easter on Sunday, and just because the towels that I loved the most DID NOT sell at my Basement Boutique, I am having a give away today.

The towels that didn't sell? I am giving away two of them to some lucky winner! Here they are, in all of their un-sold glory.

To enter, just tell me what you are doing for Easter. Spending it with friends, family? And I will send you two loverly towels. Your pick of the six! (And if you win, I will even ship to Scotland:)

Not in your colors? Still enter, they are super absorbent and soft.

Good luck.

Winner will be announced the day after Easter.


  1. Dear Amy, It makes my heart sing to hear the spring in your "words" You are absolutely feeling better and I am thrilled! I want to do something with all my family for Easter! I am in the drawing right?

    1. (I'm inserting Frances, from JustFrances here. I some how posted this twice and she commented on the other one. and since she commented at 3 pm, her spot should be right about here. Just want to make it fair!)

      I will begin my Easter Celebration on Good Friday. Right now, I think I will be spending the weekend alone, save for Sunday Mass on Easter, but I'm OK with that because it will be a chance for me to reflect on one of the most important days of my faith: The day when I celebrate the resurrection of my Saviour.

      Oh! And I will be making a nice Easter dinner of baked ham, au gratin potatoes, and asparagus. And I was thinking about doing some tea eggs instead of the traditional dyed eggs.

  2. We are daring to go to a family party where a few unkind people will be. But we are thinking about our kids.... and I will be biting my tongue and hoping it doesn't come to blows with either me or Marc.... stay tuned! LOL

  3. Oh, Oh, Pick me!!! We will be doing church and then trying to coax my elderly neighbor who lost her husband in November to join us for Easter. I plan to make good food - including your pretzel salad to woo her into celebrating. I hate for her to be alone for Easter.

    P.S. These will look great in my bright red, yellow blue kitchen. :)

    Miss you guys!

  4. church, sugar high, and "traditional" Easter dinner: ham, twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, green salad, and something for dessert.

    eventually, when my sister isn't sick, i'd like to have Passover dinner. My favorite jewish holiday!

  5. I am going to have my sister visit me from Seattle for the weekend and we are making the cutest bunny buns! We are also making a very fun craft going on a Easter egg hunt and church. I love your towels they are soooo cute!!

  6. I need new towels for our newly painted bathroom!!! Would love these to go in there. We are spending Easter at home this year. We've decided we will be celebrating the "bunny & eggs" on Saturday and family dinner on Sunday. Our Sundays our busy with church and gospel study, so we thought we would keep it simple and keep it to the true reason we are celebrating.

  7. Easter will probably be just us, baskets, egg hunts, church, trying to explain the real reason for Easter and a roast chicken! Oh wait, I guess that last part wouldn't get an exclamation point in your house. What are YOU doing for Easter?

  8. I am so happy your challenge is going well. I'm coming along nicely in joining you for the clean house challenge. I so enjoy sitting in my chair at night, talking with kids, and looking around to see empty surfaces, and feeling no stress about the things we "should" be doing, since they are actually getting done!!! Thank you for putting out the challenge!!!!

    And as for Easter. Well, for the first time that I can remember, I will be working on Easter. But that doesn't mean I won't be celebrating!!! My kids and I are flexible. :) Saturday will be our fun, laid back day with egg dying galore and eating too much candy. And on Easter morning, we will have breakfast together and eat too much candy. The kids will spend the day probably watching movies while I work, and then we will have dinner (of their choice, and I think they have decided on us making burgers for dinner) together and eat too much candy. And for dessert, we might have some candy. ;)

  9. Yeah!!! I sooo wanted to come and was thinking about picking some of these up so choose me, choose me :) For Easter we are going to church and then maybe an easter egg hunt and deviled eggs. We are really pretty laid back about holidays around here...

  10. We are having an egg coloring party on Saturday night with some other young married couples. Sunday is to celebrate the true reason for the holiday. We will be going to the Tabernacle Choir's Easter morning program, then church. I'm making coke ham(delicious) and funeral potatoes for dinner. I also thought about doing some ressurection rolls as well.

  11. those towels are beautiful! i can't believe nobody bought them. for easter we are just churching and feasting. pretty chill, but maybe the easter bunny will surprise us :)

  12. I love your towels! We are looking for a few blind, deaf, or halt friends to join us for Easter dinner. So far I have a ham. Will work out the details later, but I plan to make delicious butter rolls and eat ten straight off the pan. Yummmmmm! It is also Cora's 1st birthday! So we'll certainly celebrate that too, the cute little darling! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by--wow. We usually avoid candy and Easter bunny stuff, but we do like to have an egg hunt the day before. My kids invariable get sick after a mass sugar high. I hope I win!

  13. For Easter I am serving/celebrating with the kindergartener's at church(first service) then off with the family to the in-laws for some good food and relaxation....

  14. Egg hunting, children's hymns, cinnamon rolls, and asparagus - with love.

  15. Cute towels! We actually haven't decided what we are doing yet. It will involve family and food either way :)

  16. I think we should all go to your house for Easter!

  17. I organize a community Easter egg hunt every year. After we finish that, I will make a nice dinner for my little family. Just something simple :)

  18. Amy! You already know I love your towels!! I would LOVE to win! They are just perfect!
    I just realized today that I hadn't even planned Easter dinner. (when did I become the mom?!?) luckily, I've made up for my lack of planning with plenty of sugar. Ha.
    A little low key Easter for our family. Just so happy it's finally Easter and that I'll have a whole weekend with two of my favorite people focusing on one of my favorite holidays (or holy days) of the year:)
    Way to go on the challenge!!
    Happy Easter!

  19. LOVE this giveaway! You are so talented :) I have doing a fun one right now too!


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