Monday, April 9, 2012

Nora's revenge and the winner!

One night, after everyone was in bed (ha) I was settling down for the night as well. Reading a much awaited book.

Nora came in, look forlorn but determined. I asked her what was up.

She replied, "Anne Marie is being REALLY mean to me!!! So.........(insert big round eyes and pouty lips here) Can you give her away?"

She said it with all the confidence in the world that I would say yes. Which tells you a little bit of the way baby goose is spoiled around here.

Instead I laughed really hard and then I explained that we don't give people away. She stomped off. It was awesome.

And now...the winner!

Thanks to, the winner is Kim from No You're Funny!

Congrats Kim. I already know your address, so be looking for them!

Thanks to everyone who entered.


  1. YEAH!! I am so happy I won!! I just love the ruffles on the towels and can't wait to hang them up in my kitchen! Thank you Amy!!

  2. haha, that is funny and cute! Read that your a mom of 6. That's amazing!!!


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