Monday, March 12, 2012

What keeps me busy-this beautimus buffet makeover!

I have not been most excellent about blogging for a few weeks.


Thanks for asking.

Because I have been busy giving makeovers to gads of furniture. It is time consuming and I love it.

But it means I don't do much else when I am in the middle of a makeover. I don't cook much, clean much, or blog much.

But OH the results.

The before is a kind of retched old piece of furniture that is still in possession of good bones. But having been left out in a garage for years, it was a sad sight.

The top was pretty bad, but the whole thing just screamed, "I'm beautiful underneath! Fix me! Fix me!"

The top especially got a good sanding in preparation for new stain. The rest got a rough-over with the sandpaper.

I decided to go with a soft Ivory Palace White for the main body of the thing. Then I used Sliced Cucumber mixed with Minted Lemon for the drawers. New knobs in place, and I heard this whispery little voice say, "Keep me."

However, lucky person who purchases this at the boutique on March 24th will in fact get to own and love this beautiful piece of furniture. If I do say so myself.

I have a funny relationship with the furniture I makeover. I liken it to being a surrogate mother. I create and care for these beautiful things, only to watch them go live with someone else. It's hard to let go. But I can't keep everything I make, or we would soon not have room to walk around here.

I just hope this baby goes to a good home.

Check it out if you're in town.


March Twenty-Fourth
10:00 am-3:00 pm
28623 239th PL SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038


  1. That looks so pretty. My mom has a very similar piece in her house that will soon be coming to live with me. It's gorgeous but needs some TLC, so I have an upcoming project :)

  2. How much do you think it would cost to ship it to OKC?

    1. Oh,between 200 and 300 dollars. About the same price as I'm selling it for.

    2. Hmm, that is a little out of the budget, especially when I really need bookcases.

      Do you sell your ruffly curtains too. Those I could pay to ship. :)

    3. I sell the partially ruffled ones. The full ruffled ones were almost traumatic to make, lol! They were so difficult and time consuming that I don't know if I could ever make another pair. I just made a pair of partial ruffled ones for my friend and they turned out so pretty! She has them in her living room and they look adorable!


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