Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneak peek

So Amy(that's me!) and Amber are at it again. We are having a second basement boutique on March 24th!

I'm pretty excited. I have some new things going into it this time. And I wanted to give a little peeky at what I've been working on.

Everything that we do is home decor. And as much as I love refinishing and making over furniture, I wanted to depart a little from that and add something fun. I love vintage fabrics, I love things that remind me of my grandmother and great-grandmother.

So with the help and inspiration from my sister and friend, my brother's wife Amy, I can up with these lovelies!

I know, right? Super cute I think.  I have two of my first attempts hanging in my kitchen. And I love and adore their whimsical deliciousness!

The towels are flour sack towels. Not from actual flour sacks, but inspired by. And the fabrics for these particular towels are vintage inspired Moda fabric. Which I love.

I am working on other colors, because my wise sister Maile told me that not everyone likes those colors. And she is right. So I have other fabrics ready to adorn the kitchens of those who may not like bright reds and blues!

Plus, this gives those who don't want to spend 100 bucks on a piece of furniture, something fun and delightful to purchase. You can support me AND you can outfit your kitchen with towels that are ready to dry your hands after doing dishes, OR, to be seen only and not touched if you so choose. Personally, I threatened my family that I would destroy anyone who wiped their chocolatey hands on little red riding hood's face!

And here are some of the other fabrics I'm working with. Yes, I know they still have a certain whimsy about them. But if you like things a little more plain, I can direct you to your nearest Target. (Nothing against Target. I love Target second to only my family. But when coming to a boutique, you MUST expect things out of the ordinary!)

I love the Cheerio in the corner. I just wanted you to have something to compare the size of the flowers too. Yeah, right.  I really need to sweep. Before I cut any fabric. *Ahem.*

And just another friendly reminder. Be there. Please?

March Twenty-Fourth
10:00 am-3:00 pm
28623 239th PL SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038

1 comment:

  1. i just made some kitchen towels just like those--made from plain white target flour sacks!! great minds think alike!!

    i'd really like to make it over to your boutique this time around. i'm off to put it on the calendar!


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