Monday, March 26, 2012

A decade

A decade ago I gave birth to our first boy. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces. 10 days early too, thank you very much!

We entered the world of boys not knowing what to expect, considering we had two girls before him.

I quickly found that he didn't want to sit and color for an hour, that I was lucky to get a two second snuggle, because he had so many things he HAD to do. Like? Running, jumping, dancing, running away! down the street, climbing onto the counters, NOT staying in his room for naps, eating more food than I've seen a little baby eat, and in general being the little love of my life.

Now 10 years have gone by and he has grown into a wonderful young man. He doesn't run away anymore, but he still eats a ton and he will now snuggle me for pretty much as long as I want. Oh, and he's the biggest ten year old I've ever seen.

For Charlie's birthday this year he wanted a Lord of the Rings Themed party, so we invited some friends to join Charlie on his quest, and of course, we need Gandalf and a trusty elf to lead the Fellowship.

Julia the elf sang the history of the rings to the boys. They were then given their quest, to destroy the ring of power and evade the Ring wraiths.

Their quest involved clues that were cleverly crafted by Kate!

You’re off! Take heed! Your journey has dawned!
All show their worth in the hoop of the blonde!
 Your worth has been proven, proeed to the next.
In the forest of one among ye, seek the ‘X’.
 You found it! This clue’s been discovered.
Pray make the right entrance of Moria uncovered.
 You’ve now entered Moria, the mine full of bones.
At this time go play at the river of stones.
Your defenses grow weaker, your fortresses short.
So count all the buildings surrounding your fort.
Though simple thus far, it will soon become harsh.
Your next task be: scale the wall of the marsh.
You’ve passed the Dead Marshes; you’ll soon be at rest.
Now, to your Kingdom to finish your Quest!
I found edible images of characters from the movie and adorned the cupcakes with their faces. The 10 year old boys avoided the image of Arwen, but the 13 year old helpers (aka the Ringwraiths that chased the boys all over the neighborhood) gladly would accepted a cupcake with the picture of a girl on it. It was hilarious. And Julia offered to eat the cupcake with the picture of Legolas on it, if no one else wanted it of course. 
When they arrived back at our kingdom, we had a fire built to throw their rings of power (ring pops) into. 
Then Gandalf collapsed into a heap of exhaustion. He is 3000 years old after all. 

Oh and somewhere in there, Charlie got some presents. 


I love this boy, and he deserved a great party. He is so loving and good and the older he gets the more I am amazed at who he is becoming. I'm so grateful to have such a strong, smart, handsome and loving son. 

Happy Birthday Charlie!!


  1. it sure looked like a fun party, but i'm wondering why the little one is crying at the table? everyone else is smiling and happy...must be why i noticed!!

    oh, i so badly wanted to come to your basement boutique, but we had plans...and then sick kids...maybe next time. but, how did it go? do you have pics?

    1. It went well-I will have pictures tomorrow. Henry is crying because there were no paper plates left. We ended up giving him a serving bowl and filling it with ice cream. He felt much better!

  2. Coolest party ever!!! I want this for my next birthday. Charlie has some pretty awesome parents!
    - Jessica W


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