Monday, March 5, 2012

The summertime and mothering

Our summer is already filling up. How does that happen when it's only March?

With girls' camp, cub scout day camp, Especially For Youth, and my trip to Alaska, we have 4 weeks already where our family won't all be together.

It makes me frantic a bit, and I longingly wish for the "old days" when my children were all little and we spent every day together. No school, no obligations. Just us.


I love being a mother. I have not traveled the world. I have not accomplished much of my list of To Do's from high school. But I wouldn't trade my experiences as a mother for any of that. And it is going by too fast. Nora will be 4 this year. Kate will be 15. I have the laugh and worry lines to show for 15 years of mothering. And I wouldn't trade that either.


One of the events this summer is Cub Scout Day Camp. Charlie gets to spend a week doing scouting type things, and Jeff gets to volunteer for 2 days of it. He was filling out the registration for it this weekend. It has pretty standard stuff on it. Name, age, address. Then it asks questions about who your child can ride home with, emergency contact, and then the all important one; they want to know if there is anyone we DON'T want Charlie going home with.

This was tough. We knew there were a few people, but we felt bad listing them. Jeff named them and asked me if we should really put them down. I said , "Yes! Absolutely. They need to know."

So he wrote in the names, and I have no regrets.

After all, Charlie is the chosen one, we can't be too careful:)


  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, LOL..........

  2. Mom, Dad, you make me laugh out loud! "Can't wait, LOL, Smiley face!"


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