Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today is an update on the awful-turned-good events of yesterday.

Yesterday, while parking my van at the gym, I sat for a second doing something, and then when I took my foot of the brake to reach over and grab my purse, I realized I hadn't put the car into park. As the van started inching forward, I panicked and went to slam on the brakes, but instead hit the gas, and then hit the rear end of the Cadillac Escalade in front of me.

A swear word might have popped out.

I sat there for a second, shocked by my own old lady behavior, and then I headed into the gym to find the owner.

The sweet lady behind the counter came out with me, then hugged me since by that time I had started to cry. A lot.

Pretty soon a guy came out and said, "Oh, that's Martin's car. I'll go get him. " Great. I couldn't wait to see Martin and tell him I was an idiot.

When he did come out, he wore an expected expression of "what the crap just happened to my car".

He was very nice to me though, as I explained that I had never hit anything(ok, except for the rock, but who's counting), caused an accident, NOTHING! Ever. Until today.

He said that these things happen, but his friend was quick to ask if I had insurance. They looked at the damage, which just ended up being the hitch cover. (I didn't even know there was such a thing. But it seems, that if you own a nice vehicle, that you can cover your hitch when it's not in use.) While I wrote down my insurance info, barely able to see because I was crying so hard.

I handed him the paper, profusely apologized again, and then I left. I had to pull over for a second because I was starting to hyperventilate a little. You see, I am a very emotional person. While other people might be mad at themselves, or bummed out, I get all of that plus an uncontrollable tendency to cry. It's quite embarrassing and it makes me look even more stupid. But I can't help it.

So I went home, amidst Henry and Nora crying that they didn't get to go to the play place at the gym.

At home, I proceeded to do what comes natural, which was curling up on the couch while eating a bowl of cereal and staring out the window. Crying. I had called Jeff and my insurance agent. But we all agreed that it would probably be less than my deductible, but either way I was going to have some out of pocket expenses coming my way. Right before Christmas. Yeah, I was feeling pretty low.

Around 1 o'clock I got a call from Mr. Martin.

The damage was $280. My heart stopped, and I quickly began figuring out how to shave my food budget and Christmas budget in order to pay for this.

Then he said, "I'm in a really good place in my life financially, so I don't want you to worry about it."

You guessed, I started crying again. It never ends with me.

I thanked him over and over, cried some more, and he just told me to pay it forward. Man, I'm crying as I write this.

The goodness of people overwhelms me. This man had no idea I have six children, or that money is tight right now, or that we already were scaling back Christmas a ton this year. He just felt to do something for a bawling women who rammed his car. Occupy THAT protesters.

I have every intention of paying it forward. It might not be financially right now, but I will never forget this. And someday when I'm driving my BMW and some little old lady on a budget rams my car, I will let it slide and buy her lunch to calm her down and we'll cry together. Because that is what you get when you combine someone who is, and I quote, "in a good place financially" with someone who has a good heart.

Don't you feel better about the world? Less cynical? More inclined to help those in need? I know I do.

Now I think I'll go cry some more. It's what I do:)


  1. Awesome Amy, You are blessed and loved! And I see you can turn lemons into lemonade. Thank you for sharing in your own amazing way!

  2. I love Martin! What an awesome story. :)

  3. criers of the world unite! i may or may not have cried while reading this...

  4. I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I had to read this to my children because they were wondering why I was crying while on the computer. Your story really touched something in me and I will be paying it forward in honor of Martin as well.

  5. I love people like Martin! It makes me excited that there are still amazing people out there! By the way can I get your address? I am not stalking you or anything I just want to send you something:)

  6. Amy-

    I want to hug Martin. What an awesome reminder of the good that IS out there.

    (Ugly criers of the world, UNITE!)

  7. This is a great story... I am glad it turned out great! I was just telling a story yesterday of how last year I had my 8yr old nephew in the car at the sageway parking lot and as we were leaving the lot, he got back up out of the bumper seat and started dancing around and he would not sit down as I was backing, in the second I turned back and no one was there, and I truned back and told him to please sit down and buckle for the 5th time, I heard a crunch, My foot was on the pedal of the brake, but not down so I was gently rolling and in a split second I crunched a car back end as it drove past and stopped waiting to exit the parking lot. I was hysterical too. That person was calm and nice and sad that is what insurance is for, I will get it to the shop, you called and started the claim, so all will turn out well. It is so great that there are people out there that in a mini crisis, (at the time we feel it is the end of the world), will be really good people. I truly believe in the PAY IT FORWARD!

  8. just 1 thing to say, EVER since I became a mother I cry ALL THE TIME and I get so ticked about it... Esp. when I'm mad or feel REALLY strongly about something, there goes the faucet!!! UGH!!

  9. This is the BEST story. "Occupy THAT protesters" is a great line.

    Camery sent me to your blog and I'm so glad she did so that I could read this story. Thank heavens for people who use their blessings to help others.


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