Friday, November 4, 2011

Announcing Amy and Amber Design

So over the years, I have been asked from time to time to help friends and family with a room redo, or just advice in decorating.
I am no professional by any means, but it is a favorite hobby of mine and if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at it.
Well, I have a friend, Amber over at PinePlace who also lists decorating as a favorite hobby, and who ALSO has been asked (way more than me) to help people with their home decor needs.
Plus, we just really like each other, so, we came up with a little plan. Originally it was quite elaborate with big dreams of our own design company where we would run around helping paying customers with their room redo's and home makeovers.
But alas, her full time job, husband and 4 kids, and my crazy life plus husband and 6 kids have kept us too busy to realize this yet. But someday folks.

So for now, we came up with an alternative that will help our need to create, and combine it with other's needs to get great home decor at super prices.
And though we have very different styles in our homes, we love what the other does, and trust each other's design abilities and creative eye.
What did we come up with?
Save the Date

Saturday November 19th
10 AM-8 PM
Amber's Basement
28623 239th PL SE
Maple Valley, Wa

We're calling it our "Basement Boutique"  where you will find some of our favorite creations!
Come walk through, eat a cupcake, and find one of a kind treasures, Christmas gifts, re-purposed furniture and plenty for your home!
Bring your friends, your family, sisters, mothers, and BFF's!
And be watching for sneak peeks of what we will have available.
You're going to come right? Pretty please?


  1. Man o Man do I wish I was closer to you lady! I would LOVE to come spend some time with your new "business" plus I'd just love to come over and soak up some of your awesomeness!!!!!!!!!
    maybe someday!

  2. oh amy, this sounds like so much fun! and, i have since i've seen your house in person, i know you have good taste....especially thoswe turquoise shutters. oh, be still my heart!!

  3. I want to come! We will see if the pass cooperates!


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