Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Show and Tell

When I was a kid, show and tell was a weekly occurrence. Kids brought in their sticker collections, their stuffed animals, and signed baseballs.

In the year 2011, if you are star student of the week, you get to showcase a poster about yourself, and bring in something to show and tell if you want.

You have one shot a year.

Charlie wanted to bring in his current most prized possession. Our new dog Maisy.

He was so cute and proud. He LOVES this dog. Even when it's other people's turn to have her sleep with them, he somehow ends up with her every night.

A boy and his little black half yorkie, half toy poodle. It's what great stories are made of.

Kind of. Usually they're about big dogs who save people from wells. But I'm sure Maisy would bark a lot if Charlie got trapped in a well or if someone rings the door bell.

Probably just the door bell:)


  1. Maisey is part of the family!

  2. Congrats on the dog!! Didn't know you had one:) Isaac(my 10yr old boy) has a Pug and even though he must share her they have a love connection like no other!!

    There is just something about a boy and his little dog :-)

  3. I love that he loves her so much!! So glad that you guys ended up with her!


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