Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Utah?

I feel that I am finally recovered from a ton of driving, little sleep and lots of fun with my oldest two girls.

Kate and Julia and I and a good friend of ours all went to Utah last week. Why? I will tell you!

About two years ago my friend Cindy showed up at church suddenly looking smokin! Not that she looked bad before, but she didn't stand out, does that make sense?

When I asked her what caused the changed she said, "Dressing your". I said, "huh."

So I went home looked it up, saw that you had to pay for something or other, and kind of forgot about it.

But a year went by, and EVERY TIME I saw Cindy, she looked amazing. No joke. Hair perfect, jewelry on, perfect colors, everything. So I asked her again to tell me about it. And this time, I listened.

And what I discovered in a nutshell is that Dressing Your Truth was life changing for me and my girls. Yes, LIFE CHANGING. I exaggerate not.

Dressing Your Truth is based on the research of a woman name Carol Tuttle. She found that there are 4 distinct personalities. We all have all 4 in us, but we lead with one. It's similar to the red, yellow, white personality thing. And there are other variations of it as well.

She found that each type had certain shared characteristics. Things that were a distinct part of who we are.

And she made it easy to remember. The Types are Type 1, Type2, Type 3 and Type 4.

Type 1 is bright and animated  (That's me, and Julia and Nora and Jeff).

Type 2 is  soft and subtle (that's Kate and Henry)

Type 3 is rich and dynamic . (that's charlie)

Type 4 is  bold and striking  (that's Anne Marie)

She calls them Energy types because of the energy, so to speak, that each emits.

Type 1's have the highest amount of energy and are fun to be around (aren't I fun?) and they are the talkers of the 4 types . You all know that's true about me!

Type 2's are still and soft and subtle. They are the types that everyone likes to be around because they keep us all connected and getting along.

Type 3's are the go for it, get it done types. They have a high amount of energy as well.

Type 4's are the perfecters, they can look at things and see how it will be better. They have the stillest quality to them. Not much loudness and jumping around with this folks. They are very reflective by nature.

I am a Type 1 with a secondary 4. So I lead with those Type 1 tendencies but I have enough type 4 that it becomes a major part of who I am as well. We discovered what Types we were by reading Carol's book, "It's just my nature." I could probably tell people what type they are, but it's best when people discover it for themselves.

So that's an overview. How does the dressing part come in? Well, Carol found that certain colors and fabrication and design lines worked better with different types. Types 1 were so buoyant and light and animated that certain colors or fabrics were too heavy on us. The clothing contradicted the nature of the person.

And this same principle applies to the other types. Type 2's are so soft and love comfort. They even talk quietly and hate conflict more than any other type. So a type 2 wearing something really stiff and scratchy would not match who they are.

Type 3's are so dynamic and make such a presence that if you put them in muted colors that were flowy and soft, it confuses you when they open their mouth and are not muted or soft.

Type 4's are naturally so structured in their nature, always on time, stick to schedules better than any other type, that if you throw pastels or a lot of animation(visual movement) in their clothing, you would expect them to talk more, act more bubbly. But when they stick to the bold colors, and structured clothing, then you are not surprised when they sit so still and say such bold things.

Again just an overview, there is so much info that it's hard to explain it all. So let me show you.

In Utah there is an actual Dressing Your Truth store. They sell makeup, jewelry clothes and they have a salon. It is also where they film club nights and other events that help you learn more about your type.

The girls and I have been wanting to go down there since we bought our courses. We wanted to get our hair done and meet Carol Tuttle and get to attend an event. So we went! And it was so fun. The gal who did our hair is an expert in different "types" and we've seen so many of her before and afters that we knew she would do a good job.

Now, we've all been dressing our truth for some time, so we already knew how to do our hair and makeup and what clothes to wear. But to make it fun, Nicole the stylist, had us put on the "wrong" clothes so to speak, and take off our jewelry so that she could get a before picture. Plus, we all had funky hair from traveling and not doing it that day since we knew we were going to get our hair done.

So the before pictures are a little set up, but it's not much different then before we knew about Dressing Your Truth.

So here is Kate's before picture. She is wearing a Type 3 shirt. Type 3 colors have a fall colors quality to them, some look as if they've been dipped in a tea bath. But on Kate, it makes it so that you don't notice her, you just notice the shirt.

here is Kate's after. See how flowing and soft she looks? Her personality is the same. She is flowing and soft and gentle. Her clothes and hair reflect that about her.

Here is Julia's before. She is wearing black-a type 4 color, which is a no no for type 1's. See how it kind of washes her out? It's too still, and heavy on her. It contradicts her light, happy nature.

and here is Julia's after. Again, her own clothes and jewelry that she put together, she did her own makeup. See how her clothes and jewelry support her animated face? do you see it? Say you see it. Please?

And here is my before. I'm wearing a type 2 shirt, which is just too flowy for me and the color makes me look a little drab. Plus, I think it makes me look frumpy.

and here is my after. I went a little dark in my hair for fall, but I'm thinking I will add a little more blond next time.  Notice how my highlights are random? That is a signature thing for Type 1's. We say random things, and are happiest when we allow for some randomness in our lives. So my hair supports that. I think I look like I instantly lost 10 pounds as well wearing the right shirt. See how much brighter my face is? Even my makeup shows up better.

This has been so good for me and my girls, my whole family in fact. We feel good about ourselves every day, plus I have learned to understand things about my family members that baffled me before. Like, why is Charlie so persistent in whatever he wants? Translation: why does he not stop asking once I say no? It's because he is a type 3 and will work very hard for whatever he wants in life, and not likely take no for an answer. We all know people like that right? They get things done.

And why does Anne Marie seemingly ignore me? It's because she is a Type 4 and is her own authority. She already knows what she is supposed to do. It still frustrates me, but at least I know why she does it.

And the other great thing? Kate told me that so many girls at school complain about their hair, and clothes and how fat they are, etc, etc. And Kate said, "I don't have to complain. I like the way I look." Hallelujah!! What parent doesn't want to hear that from their teenage daughter?

I could go on and on, but I won't. Check out the button on my sidebar and see for yourself. It's really one of the greatest things I've ever learned about.

And on Monday I will share some other highlights of our trip. I got to meet someone famous to us! You probably won't know who he is, but you should!!!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I don't wander around looking to see who is dressing wrong. I promise. Dressing Your Truth is about you becoming your own beauty expert. So I worry about myself. I'm not judging the rest of you!


  1. Each and every one of you look awesome!! Yes Ma'm you most certainly did loose AT LEAST 10pounds with that change :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. I stumbled across Dressing Your Truth, have read Carol's book about beauty profiling and am picking up It's My Nature at the library this afternoon. The whole idea is so intriguing to me. But, the pics you posted (you look fabulous btw) really show that this stuff works. I was wavering on buying the course, but I waver no longer thanks to your post. Best wishes!!!

  3. thanks for being a type blogger


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