Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is my facebook photo. It's deceptively warm and inviting. Don't be fooled!

Whilst at the grocery store yesterday, I realized that I look friendly. And that means that random people say things to me because I look approachable.

One woman, who was there with her husband and son, looked at Nora and asked me why she wasn't in school. I told her, "Oh, she's only three." Cuz I was thinking that she thought Nora looked old enough to be in school. No.

"Oh, she's old enough!" She then pointed to her son and said, "He's only two, but the moment he turns three he's going to school! There has to be a preschool somewhere nearby me, and when I find it, he's going!" She said this in that exacerbated sigh-like way that says her son is a handful.

I personally was so confused by this since I'm already feeling anxious about Nora and Henry being gone from me. So I just gave a half smile and kept going. Wondering why people talk to me in the store, and offer me their opinions about what my child should be doing

As we turned a corner, Henry was playing a game with me that is slightly embarrassing in public. He runs at me from behind, and then I stopped suddenly and he slams his little fists into my backside. He finds it hilarious, I don't think it's quite as funny, but I let him do it anyway cuz it keeps him happy while we're shopping.

Well, a woman saw us doing this, and figured it meant I was laid back enough to talk to, and she scampered to turn her cart around and catch up with me. She then proceeded to tell me that even though the economy was not doing well, her company was thriving during it and would I be interested in being in her down line? I had to ask her what company. Melaleuca.  First of all, if you're trying to tell me that you're doing well at your business, you should attempt to portray yourself as doing well. Hair done, tidy clothes. Otherwise you just look desperate. Which she probably was, and my heart went out to her. So trying to be nice, I said, "You know, I have 6 kids, I'm pretty busy and don't have time." She replied with, "Well would you at least be a customer? The products could ship right to your house!"

This is all standing in the aisle at the grocery store. I politely declined, and she walked away dejected. It honestly took guts to do that. I could NEVER do that. Selling things is not my strong point. I can't stand rejection.

But I decided that I need to scowl a lot when I go to the grocery store. I need to look unapproachable. In the past I have had more comments than I can count about my kids, I've been approached about selling Mary Kay twice and some other at home business another time. And while I appreciate people's rudeness  thoughts about my children, and their efforts to expand their at home business, I'm just not interested.

Grocery shopping is already a less than serene event for me, and to have my focus and thoughts interrupted by advice and business opportunities is not ideal.

Now if you want to stop me and tell me how lovely and adorable my children are, or how great I look, or that I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe, be my guest.

Otherwise, I'm too busy, too grumpy, too mean and definitely NOT approachable!

(who am I kidding? I will always smile and nod politely. It's just who I am. How about you?)


  1. I have a slightly similar problem. Except mine is that random people come up to me and tell me their life stories. They are always the people who look odd and most people walk away from, but I can't seem to. Instead, I end up listening to complete strangers tell me everything that has ever happened in their lives. Oh well, I guess it's the price to pay for being a nice person. Even when you don't want to be.

  2. Just to let you know, the Mary Kay is totally because you have dewey beautiful skin. They always want that skin selling their product.
    As for the other job offers, maybe it's because YOU look put together and successful!

  3. ha!! i just saw you at the grocery store, and you are so fabulous that i'm sure everyone just wants to stop and talk! heck, i even squealed out in delight to have bumped into you!! i totally forgot to tell you how adorable your kids were!!!

  4. I want to see you at the grocery store ;)

    I am pressured too about Ari not being in school and you know he "should be" according to others... Sorry, it's hard enough to let them go to pre-k when they are 4, THAT doesn't change the more kids you have!! My word, it's crazy the attitude people can have about their kids!

    I get stopped all the time about my tattoo's and it's something I NEVER even thought would happen when I got the first large one(really do you think I care if you like or don't like them, did I even ask)!... It's amazing how people give the judging eye(esp. with me being 5'10, blond AND tattooed) and I think, PEOPLE it's a lesson, don't judge a book by it's cover!! I am not in any way what the negative stigma is..... Ahhhhhhh That's right, I'm awesome and wanted to carry my art with me not hang it on the wall :)


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