Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween! Wait, what?

So due to some scheduling conflicts, our Harvest Party at church was a little earlier than normal this year.

Which meant that last Wednesday I realized we needed costumes for 8 people by Saturday. Um. Yeah. Can you say STRESS?

Well, it turned out to be not so bad considering I have very awesome children who are much more adaptable and easy going than I give them credit for.

I told them that we had almost zero money for costumes this year, and that everyone would have to be outfitted from what we already had in our overly large costume collection.

No one even blinked an eye. And when all was said and done we only spent 5 dollars on a little Halloween makeup and a hat.

And everyone looked great! Charlie went as one of our favorite literary characters-Skullduggery Pleasant, the Skeleton Detective. While Anne Marie's costume doubled as a opera singer and a brunette Rapunzel, depending on her mood at the moment.

Julia had her heart set on being a vampire. *sigh* long gone are the days of princesses for this girl. Last year she was a mercenary, this year a vampire. What's next? The swamp thing?  Kate is all about princesses now. And yes, that is my prom dress from 1992.

Nora was an orange witch thanks to Grandma's birthday present. And Henry ended up being a scary muscle guy. He had about 4 different wardrobe changes before settling on such an "original" costume.

And finally, Jeff and I. My sister gave me the great idea of going as a pregnant 50's housewife and a milkman.
However, Jeff felt that was a tad inappropriate for a church function. Whatevs Mr. Appropriate pants.

So I went as a pregnant housewife anyway, just to show him! (Not really. I actually wear everything I used for my costume, so it was just easier)

And Jeff managed to fit into a Central Washington University band uniform that was obviously made for a 5 ft tall girl. We were both a hit, but he was a show stealer.

So there you have it. If you are ever low on mulah and need a good costume, come on over! ( A few people actually did!) We seriously have more costumes than people and can mix and match like nobody's business!

I'll be surprised if any of the kids wear the same costumes for the actual day of Halloween. But no biggie. We have plenty to spare.


  1. My favorite comment I received during the party was, "Are you dressed as someone from Denmark?" Maybe Denmarkians always dress in Band Uniforms that are too small. I can't wait to visit Denmark. I know I'll be ready.

  2. Hey Jeff, You will be thrilled to know I found your bert outfit yesterday and I will be sending it your way. You all look awesome by the way! My Halloween dressing up family!

  3. Awesome! My parents, siblings, and I are all going to be zombies. :)

  4. I love the Allen family So MUCH!!
    The post cracks me up! I have so many fond memories of those Ward Halloween parties...since I served in Maple Valley twice during Halloween. I love it. I miss you. Hopefully I'll have to visit soon and bring my husband up for you to meet :)

  5. Oh my! I need to sort myself out for a costume! Thanks for the reminder!

    (And I do love Julia's choice!)


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