Monday, July 25, 2011

Nora is three

The thought of six children always scared me. I felt competent enough with five, sometimes barely getting it all done, but still accomplishing what I needed to.

I felt that six would just put me over, and I was terrified of that prospect.

So when I found out that I was pregnant I actually only had one thought:gratitude.

You see, at that moment, when the two little lines showed up, I felt that Heavenly Father trusted me. I knew that He thought I could do it. And that sustained me at that moment and ever since.

Plus, Nora has been a gift to our family. We all adore her. She was an easy baby, is an easy toddler (for the most part) and we cannot imagine our home without her.

Is my house messier? Yes. Is my life more hectic? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

The amazing thing is that 3 years have passed since she was born. And my mind just can't wrap around that. How is it possible that so many events in life drag by at such a slow pace, and yet the life of this beloved child (as are all my children) just speeds by at such a fast rate?

I feel so much joy that this little goose (my knickname for her) is here, is ours, and that Heavenly Father knew me better than I did myself.

My friend Heidi made the cake for me. We were gone for Ragnar the two days before her birthday, so I'm forever grateful for her delivering such a beautiful and YUMMY confection.

Nora loves everything Tangled. 'punzel is her favorite, so of course cake and presents had to represent miss goose's love.

It seems everyone we know was either out of town or unavailable, so my brother Keno was our one and only guest.

But the kids made him feel at home I think.

She was so big, and sat waiting for that perfect moment to blow out her candles.

We love that little girl, so much. Happy Birthday Nora baby!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY big girl!!

    How you've grown since I started reading mom's blog!!!

    Many many more happy birthday's princess Nora:)

  2. Happy Birthday Nora!! Hope you had a fun day! Love Elle


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