Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Forts, or sorts.

This weekend was bombtastic. Well, not at first. We went camping near the ocean and TOM came to visit me. If you're a girl you know what I mean, if you're a boy, ask you mom or wife:)
And it was horrid. I was horrid. Then with a mixture of painkillers and muscle relaxers, I was suddenly much better.
But this is not a post about that! Sorry.
What was so great was that Jeff had Monday and Tuesday off. Monday we celebrated the 4th with my sister and her family. And then Tuesday we used our seasons passes and went to Wild Waves water park. The sun was out, the kids were happy, I was happy, it was bomb-diggity.
But when we got home I was FREEZING! In July. I don't know why.
So I donned my pink unicorn flannel nightgown, and fuzzy moccasins (both gifts from my parents, thank you very much and both, the bomb!) and set about to make dinner.

Notice something strange in the above picture? Ever read a book or hear something talk about children playing amongst their mother's skirts? Well, Nora improved upon that a little, and was using my nightgown as a fort of sorts.

It was bombin.

It was quite funny, and she thought she was hilarious. But the fun was over when I had to move to a different spot in the kitchen.

She tried to move with me, but it just wasn't happening.
So she resigned herself to eat her mac n cheese at the table, instead of under my nightgown.

I hope your weekend was good. I will have pictures and fun from our weekend to share with you tomorrow.

And 3 points to you if you realized that I used the word bomb as many times as I could, not because I'm super cool, which I am, but because it was our nation's birthday! Silly.

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