Friday, July 29, 2011


Years ago, in high school, I was a small town actress. School plays, one community theatre play.

I don't think I was very good, but I enjoyed it.

After high school, I have not acted. I have been part of a few vocal groups and such and I have encouraged my children, and so far Kate and Julia have carried on my love of performing.

But as for myself, I left it all behind me so to speak.

Until now.

There are auditions, tonight, for a musical put on by a bunch of talented people in our area.

It's for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And guess what?

I'm auditioning. Along with Kate and Julia.

And guess what else? I've had a constant stomach ache from the nerves, all week.

I've almost emailed the gal a couple of times cancelling my audition.

But I decided that I can't let myself down. I've wanted to do this for a long time.

And you know what? If I'm no good, it's fine. I know I can sing. I have no idea if I can act at all anymore, but I will be mad at myself if I don't try.

So don't wish me luck, tell me to break a leg. Our auditions are tonight, and I'm preeeetty sure I won't be eating anything between now and then.


  1. OOOHHHHH how exciting Amy, so cool!!

    YOU will be super duper awesome!!!

    You are doing things I have never been able to let myself do........

    Congratulations all 3 of you and I can't wait to hear how it goes :-)

    I'll be saying a prayer for the 3 of you to not faint or vomit while auditioning :)

  2. how'd it go?! I'm surprised Jeff didn't try out with you -- though I suppose if the three of you ladies are performing, SOMEONE has to hold down the fort! ;)

    I bet you knocked 'em dead, lady!!

  3. Wow! Good luck to all three of you... or maybe three broken legs? You are fulfilling a secret fantasy of my own too. Go you.

  4. We're trying to figure out how Jeff could do it too. They are seriously short on men, so I guess they'll be recruiting.

    I think it went well! I felt good about it. And basically we'll all get a part, meaning chorus, but Julia isn't old enough to do anything else really, and Kate would be happier with that anyway, and I don't really care either way.

    I'm just happy it's over and that I was able to check something off on my bucket list!

  5. Awesome that I can't even sign in as myself on my own blog. Sheesh!


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