Monday, July 11, 2011

Boo hoo! Baby got a hair cut!

I had decided to pretty much never give Nora a haircut. Her long, lovely, fluffy blonde hair was just too wonderful for me to let anyone take scissors to. I didn't care if it got in her eyes, I didn't care if syrup got in it. I just loved seeing it bounce on her shoulders as she ran off.

Well, Thursday at exactly 1:40 pm, lil' miss decided to do something about that.

She came into Kate and Julia's room where I was chatting to Kate, and of course I gave her a big hug. When I pulled away, I had a bunch of fluffy blonde hair on my face.

It took about 5 seconds for me to realize what it was, and then the frantic search of her hair began; to see what damage she had done.

Her bangs were chopped, and there were chunks missing from different locations on her head. Such as the following one that I combed out.

Needless to say, I cried and cried. She is two weeks away from her third birthday. I had such high hopes that we would skip this.

When I started crying, Nora started crying. "I berry sowwy, Mommy". Me,"I know Nora, I'm just so sad that you cut your hair." Nora, "But I say sowwy, you happy now!"

No. Not happy. She led me to the laundry room where she had been hiding with the round tipped kid scissors that she found who knows where. Amazing the cutting abilities of those little safety scissors.

I decided to not cut her hair short or try to fix it. Honestly, you can't tell unless you really look for it, or unless you try to put her hair in two ponytails. It will grow out and hopefully we can just pretend this little episode never happened. Yeah right.

When I went into Anne Marie and Nora's room to take a picture of Nora's hair for this here blog, I discovered that instead of going to sleep last night, Nora had chosen instead to yet again find some obscure item to change her appearance with:

Why is it only my children that cut their hair and write on themselves?

Everyone always said to be careful of the terrible twos. In our house it's the thrilling three's. Because I'm always "thrilled" to see what they get into next.

Oh well, I still love her, choppy hair, green skin and all.

Can anyone out there PLEASE tell me that their children did this too? Please?!!!


  1. Maeve actually colored Hilde when she was a baby. She used the whole marker box to create a multi-colored baby sister.

  2. Aubrey was 4, and had never ever had even her lovely blonde bangs trimmed. She went into the bathroom, closed the door, and cut her hair while standing in front of the mirror. Actually, she did a fairly nice job, but it was off to Super Cuts to get it fixed. Now, I honestly enjoy her hair shorter ~ but at the time it was quite tragic.

    And it hasn't been often that they've colored on themselves (though Malcolm seems enthralled with it lately), however I once left the kids in the van while I ran into the grocery store (Laurel was in kindergarten)...we rushed in the house and I put Aubrey (hmmm...same child) into her highchair (she was 2) and I realized that she had happy scribble doodles all over her face in blue ballpoint pen. Courtesy of her big sister. it didn't last long.

    So, you're not alone, friend!

  3. Carly has decided, more than once, sure her Asperger's has something to do with it since most pre teens don't do this, got frustrated with her bangs and cut them completely off! The awesome thing about hair is that it does grow back! But, the sad part about baby hair is that it seems to not grow back with that sweet curl...ahh growing up is so much fun!

  4. None of mine have ever cut their hair, however my Norah did in fact take her cat into hiding and gave him a "trim" and ALL 3 KIDS have colored themselves, Norah did it with red Sharpe marker, face and body, all over!! Your not alone there, it's creativity at it's finest I say........sigh.......

  5. We haven't dealt with hair cutting yet, but of course I have boys so there isn't much to cut! I'm amazed at what so-called "safety" scissors can cut though. My friend's son cut the tip of his finger off with a pair.

    Love the picture of her "body art" :)

  6. Haha... my siblings do these insane things too. Not only did Addison cut her OWN hair, but she cut our DOGS hair too, the little dear. And the three youngest Ringhiser children, me includuded, are OBSESSED with doodling in Sharpie in various places on thier bodies.


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