Monday, November 29, 2010

New holiday cleaning tradition

Dear Santa~
It's hard to see what I'm doing.
So I'll just tell ya.
I'm vacuuming our Christmas tree.

What? You don't do that?

Well, I didn't either until this year, because this is the first real tree we've had since 2002.

And I hate bugs and dead pine needles. So I vacuumed the tree.
And my husband and children commented on my odd-ness, and then Jeff decided to document my loony-ness for future generations.

But I felt a heck of a lot better once that tree was vacuumed, yessir-ie, I did.

But, while vacuuming our tree, I found something wonderful and lucky.
Which I will tell you all about tomorrow. Plus, I'll fill you in on our awesome Thanksgiving weekend.

But for today, I will leave you with thoughts on why we must vacuum our trees and tell you about a lovely little machine that would be a fantastic gift for neurotic holiday cleaners like myself.
It is the revolutionary machine that cleans your hard floor surfaces for you.
And Santa, the Mint Cleaner is available at Amazon!

And I super duper hope want it because cleaning my solid flooring is the bane of my existence. Seriously.

And maybe, if Santa is the thrifty, creative guy that I know he is, he will find something similar for a lot cheaper. Just saying.


  1. I think it's against the rules for Santa to give you a thing like a vacuum, or a mop, or even a high-tech mop like that.

  2. First, I'm with Jeff.

    Second, so glad to know I'm not the only hyper cleaner out there!

  3. Ok let me clear something up for Jeff.... It's not ok to get a girl anything mop,vacuum like for say valentines day but Christmas and birthday's are all about getting a girl what she really wants.. Sooooo if a self cleaning floor "mop" is what a gal wants then that's what she should get :-)
    She'll be the happiest little lady there ever was and then Jeff will be the happiest fella there ever was..

  4. Hi Janet,
    I am just wondering if that's still not some sort of a trick....
    I certainly want Amy to be the happiest little lady there ever was. Maybe if the techno-mop has like a something else that goes with it. (now the wheels are spinning)

  5. haa haa you crack me up!!!
    Question: How many cans of spray paint do you think I'll need to paint that desk I bought at Goodwill? 2? 3?

  6. At least you can now be assured that there are no spider babies waiting to hatch in your living room, right?? (remember that Nie story??) EWW!

    ..onto nicer subjects: I say to Jeff: If it's a vacuum that is dancing in her head like sugar plums, then she should have the vacuum! You KNOW you are happily married when you'd prefer a home appliance to dangly jewelry.

    I only wish I had more hardwoods in my house to justify asking for a neat-o thing like that vacuum!

  7. No tricks Jeff, that's the kind of gals we are :)
    Valentines day is a whole different subject though :-)
    Chris is right, totally happily married!!!!

  8. Ok, Amy repeated what Janet said with a twinkle in her eye and enough, "I really mean that" sincerity in her voice and body language, that I now understand at least logically that it's true... for now.


  9. Mom, I may have found vacuming the tree strange that day but now after seeing the mess in the tree I whole heartedly agree that it was a good idea but I think you should always check for a birds nest first....

    And dad if you try to change moms mind I will cry and scream in your ear when you try to go to sleep when you go to work and just all 24 hours in general


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