Monday, November 1, 2010


Our family loves Halloween. I don't want to say it is our favorite, because Christmas probably claims that title, but it is a close second.

We just like to dress up. Sometimes for no reason.

We have 4 boxes of costumes. We outfitted all 4 of my sister's kids and probably could have outfitted an entire other family as well.

I'm just saying, we like costumes.

So for the annual Trunk-or-Treat/Harvest party at church on Saturday night, we did our thing.

Kate, in her first ever slightly scary costume, The Queen of Halloween

Julia as a mercenary. 50 points if you can tell me in the comments what a mercenary is.

Charlie as the much beloved Harry Potter. Isn't he so dang cute?

Henry started out as Buzz Lightyear, but then he saw Jeff's dagger for his costume and wanted to be a ninja. Well, strangely enough we did not have a ninja costume lying around, so we went for Ninja Robin. The dagger makes all the difference you know.

Anne Marie went as a witch. She is doing her best cackle there, in case you were wondering.

And then there's Nora, who started out as Sleeping Beauty, hated that, then went to Cinderella, hated THAT, then moved onto an ER doctor, REALLY hated that, and finally ended up going in her pajamas as a tired baby.

Finally there is Jeff. Who just happened to have a Brazillian Gaucho outfit that also doubles as a pirate costume . Add one pirate-esque wig and you have a pretty good stand in for Johnny Depp. Hubba hubba.

And finally there's me. Who didn't really feel like dressing up this year. I had gone through an assortment of ideas in my head, pulled from the costume boxes. But inspiration struck while perusing the last minute aisles of Fred Meyer.

I was asked if my costume was any of the following:

Mall Cop
Character from Beastie Boys video "Sabotage"
Pat (the androgynous character from SNL)
Food Inspector (What?!)

I am in fact a fat, donut eating cop from the 70's.

But probably any of the above would work.

I hope your Halloween was as fun as ours. But how could it be unless you have 4 costume boxes and 8 people to outfit?

I'm going to go lay down. I'm tired just thinking about it.


  1. Sweet, smiling Julia as a mercenary - is she "one who is motivated solely by a desire for money" - or - "hired for service in a foreign army" -- nahh, not Julia. Everyone is absolutely fantastic!! Nora looks very realistic as a tired baby! LOL

  2. I totally would have said donut eating cop from the 70s! Also, sadly, I don't know what a mercenary is, even though I'm sure I've used it correctly in conversation at some point.

    Everyone looked great!! Glad you had fun! We did, too! Evan was a vampire (without the fangs and face makeup) and Laura was a bag of Jelly Bellies! They were both very cute.

  3. Such awesome costumes!!!!!

    Girl, you must tell me about that darn lamp, does the yarn get to hot or no?!?! I REALLY want to make one.

  4. Awesome costumes!

    Thank you so much for the Red Riding Hood costume! It was fun, even though I didn't go to the trunk or treat.

  5. My fifty points I guess, a mercenary is someone who fights wars for hire. But I 'ought to know as I was the one who was the mercenary.;)

  6. Love all your pictures, they are too fun. i want you to post a video of your makeover....Can't you go to their web site copy video and post it for me to see. Come On... :)


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