Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Great Blackout-2010

Last night the wind howled and blew as if it would strip the trees of all their leaves.

Jeff got home from work and said "I think I should get gas for the generator."

As he filled the gas cans, the lights flickered both at the gas station and at home.

We could feel it coming. High wind here in Maple Valley means the inevitable loss of power.

Luckily I had gathered all my candles earlier in the day. Some premonition perhaps?

So when the lights finally gave their final bow and went out completely, I was ready with candles.

The children were not ready for the smothering darkness that ensued. What with the loss of the little lights from the answering machine and the time on the stove, it was black at it's pitchiest.

Some terrified screaming could be heard from an upstairs bedroom, so Jeff quickly gathered all the chicks together with us in the kitchen.

Being that it was a slightly traumatic event for the littlest ones, we broke out our car emergency kit and let them eat some snacks. Since, you know, it was an emergency of the emotional kind.

We then discussed bedtime, which was met by much wailing and gnashing of teeth when we suggested that they sleep in their own room.

Even the oldest balked at the idea of sleeping in utter darkness without us.

So we found our assortment of sleeping bags and extra blankets and bunkered down for the night in the master bedroom.

When silence finally prevailed around 11:30, we all drifted off to sleep.

When we awoke, there was still no power. So Jeff headed out to start up the generator.
It seemed that the powers that be, knew he was about to fire up the gas guzzling machine, and at that moment, the power came back on. True story.

Of course by this time, school has been cancelled, so much rejoicing occured.

So the great blackout of 2010 lasted about 12 hours.
Which means tonight, I only have to share my room with Jeff:)

(It was honestly nothing. In years past, areas have been without power for 6 or more days. But we are preparing for a more substantial loss of power later in the winter.)


  1. Looks like it was memorable. I think it's sweet that the kids wanted to be close to you guys overnight. Fun that you took pictures!

  2. Right now, 12 hours without power sounds ALMOST fun. Our power just came on this evening after being out for 45 hours. Your kids will remember all sleeping on the floor in the dark giggling and talking way longer than any normal power on night. Sounds like a true family togetherness night.


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