Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary.

14 amazing, experienced filled, joyful, sorrowful, happy, sad, baby/toddler/big kid filled years.

Some years we get away for the weekend or least dinner and a movie. But this year, due to time and money constraints, we were able to have lunch together and then in the evening we got to go to a parent's meeting for Cub Scout Day Camp.

Exciting, I know.

On the way home from the meeting, we spotted a Goodwill. We kind of love Goodwill, and a new Goodwill that we've never been to before is even more fun.

And it ended up being the jackpot. Earlier in the day I had given Jeff a new Buck knife since his old pocket knife has mysteriously disappeared, and wanting to reciprocate my gift giving, he came and found me in the home goods section with an excited "Amy, you have to come see this bike!"

I had no preconceived notions about how exciting a bike at Goodwill could be. But boy, was I surprised when I saw this beauty!

The basket is my personal addition, but otherwise this 1973 Huffy Tourister is in almost mint condition. As is evidenced from this print ad. Apparently Huffy is geared for my pleasure. Really?
I mean, really?! That was their ad campaign? Cracks me up.

We took it home, pumped up the tires and adjusted a few things, and I was off!

I haven't owned a bike since 1994, so I was a little nervous at first, but then my body remembered how to ride and there was no stopping me after that.

I rode around with Charlie and Julia until it got too dark and too late to be making noise in the neighborhood. But I felt about 12 years old again. Happy, carefree, the wind in my hair and reminiscing about the bike shows Maile and Keno and I used to put on for our parents.

Now Kate and Julia and I can ride in vintage style, since Kate has a Ross Barracuda G.T. from the 1960's with original everything, and Julia has an sweet reproduction bike complete with banana seat.

Our goal in life is to have everyone be able to recognize us from a mile away.
Ok, not really, but why have new stuff when old stuff is so cool?
Anyway, a big thanks to my dear Jeffy for knowing me so well, and spotting something I would love AND buying it for me on our anniversary.
I love you. I knew it the moment I saw you. And I will always love you.
You lucky man, you.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was perfect.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a great bike! We will have to wobble around the block together!!

  3. I hadn't even read this yet, and I was thinking it would be "fun" to ride our bike together on Tuesday evenings...wanna? You can ride over the tracks and meet me at the bottom of the hill...

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. I would love that melissa, let's do it! Seriously.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I think that bike is so awesome I am jealous:)

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  7. of course the old stuff is cool I've be thinking that for years! (:

  8. Martha has a whole section in her "Living" mag about how cool old bikes are.....With racks and baskets! Are you IN or what!


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