Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's finally summer

As western Washingtonians, we endure a lot of rain. A. LOT.

But you sorta, kinda get used to it.

But you have your limit. As in, by the end of May, you begin to expect the rain to stop and the sun to start.

This year, however, refused to cooperate with this arrangement.

So we had rain and cool weather until July 1st.

Makes me mad, I'll tell ya.

But finally, the bless-ed event arrived. Sun!

And with it, temperatures in the 80's.

So what better to enjoy the sun, then a family car wash.

And since we have three cars, it took up the entire evening.

Oh, and we have three cars, not because we are rollin in dough, but because they are all 10 to 16 years old. And so if one breaks down, there is another to creak into it's place.
But hey, at least we have a car. Jeff served his mission in Brazil, and only wealthy people had a phone. And some people he knew had dirt floors. So a 16 year old Saturn wagon is living in the lap of luxury.
And I won't forget that anytime soon.

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  1. Little Nora scrubbing the van cracks me up! I wish we had a driveway to make it safe for the kids to help wash the cars. We have a 16 year-old truck that looks even older than it is - with really sweet decals and paint, which are almost distracting enough to hide the rust. But I'm not complaining - we lived with one car for many, many years. It does give me pause, however, to see how many youngish couples have such late model SUVs, and other vehicles for their families. Or the ones that have vans with one child - I don't get that - I would have gladly kept our Civic if we would have fit. I love that your summer welcoming activity was useful turned fun!


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