Monday, July 26, 2010


Little miss Nora turned 2 on Saturday and then again on Sunday. ?

Surrounded by her brothers and sisters. Her Grandparents,her great aunt and her parents.

While Jeff and I were away at Ragnar, my mom made a cake for Nora and took care of everything so that Jeff and I could come home and collapse into chairs as we sang her happy birthday.

Then on Sunday, I was recovered enough to make her another birthday cake, and we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Allen, complete with balloons and presents.

Her cake says Happy Day, because that's what she says. She leaves off the birth part.

And then, for your viewing pleasure, candids of Nora from throughout the year. I can't get enough of this girl.

Happy Birthday baby! Yes, she'll always be my baby. It can't be helped.


  1. Happy Birthday Nora!! Love Elleanor

  2. Happy Birthday! We had a great time with that darling girl!

  3. What a cutie and love those dimples!


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