Thursday, July 1, 2010

While sneaking off to the treadmill in the garage in an attempt to fit some exercise into my day, I made Mommy Mistake #421.

After making bread,I left the bag of flour out.

And what two year old can resist running their fingers through all that soft powdery goodness?

This only shows part of the loveliness she left for me to clean up. What you can't see is the pile of flour on the living room carpet and the little tiny flour footprints up and down the hallway.

To top it off, when I went to take a picture of this bonanza of bread flour, my camera battery was dead. And searching high and low produced no battery charger.

So I got my cell phone out to take a photo. Which also had a dead battery.

So this picture was taken with the phone while being tethered to the wall by the charger.

Welcome back to my life. It's crazy here.

But you probably already know that.


  1. well never a dull moment right!

  2. left my quilting rotary cutter on the table last can guess. Sol came into my room with blood dripping everywhere. He probably could have used a stitch, but like I can get to urgent care for something so minor. I mean really. Anyway, don't worry. They're all still alive, and I think that's pretty good.

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