Friday, August 28, 2009


Julia turned 10 on Wednesday.

Strange how time flies.

I was pregnant the longest with her.

She made me wait, bide my time, twiddle my thumbs, and pace the floor waiting for her to show up.

Time did not fly with that 9 pound 5 oz baby wriggling around inside of me.

But she arrived and I was in love.

So now, a decade has passed. We have learned the following about our second child.

1. Despite her patience to arrive into this world, now here, Julia has a drive to accomplish/get things done.

2. Creativity flows through her at a constant rate. There is always some new idea brewing inside of her.

3. She is passionate and focused when she sets her mind to something.

4. Her best friend is her sister, Kate. We hoped it would be that way, and we have been overjoyed to watch that friendship become what it is.

5. Julia is an avid reader. She has been known to finish a book in a day or two when allowed the time to do so. And I don't mean small books, I mean the 6th and 7 th Harry Potter, Eragon.

6. She is an independant child. She loves her family, loves to be around others, but she is content doing her own thing.

7. Julia has a tender spirit. Intermingled with flashes of emotion and a fire that can surprise you. She wants to please, hates to disappoint, but is comfortable letting you know when you're out of line.

8. Julia is comfortable with herself. She is not distracted by whims or trends or changes in social weather.

9. She is helpful, kind, and loving with her youngest siblings.

10. Julia has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At 10, my daughter is strong, spiritual, fun, energetic, and values that which is good.

As you can tell, I am proud of her. I think she is marvelous in her unique-ness and she brings her whole family joy.

For her birthday this year, she wanted to camp in our own backyard.

On the menu:

Breakfast: Chocolate chip waffles with homemade syrup and heartshaped butter.

For Dinner:
Hobo Dinners
Dutch Oven Cake

And to finish the evening?
Cousins and sleeping in the tent.

Although, only half the night was spent in the tent.

Happy Birthday to our darling Julia!


  1. Happy Birthday Julia!
    Love Aunt Delayna

  2. She is a beautiful girl and that cake looks so yummy! I could go for a huge piece about now!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Julia! What a beautiful girl you are!

  4. HAppy Birthday!

    Aren't I making an awesome face in the first picture? :)


  5. I want the recipe for that cake! It looks amazing and so good:)

  6. ummm... your house is just too much fun. i think i need to definately step it up a notch! fun birthday!

  7. WOW! I can't believe shes 10!! Happy birthday Julia! She looks just like you. Beautiful!


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