Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anne Marie

Anne Marie turned six on Saturday.
We snuck in and woke her up by singing Happy Birthday, really loud.
Don't ask why she is asleep on my floor, it's just kind of routine around here now.
The day started out interesting. For whatever reason, in the middle of the blue sky, lovely weather summer, the power went out. No biggie if she wanted cereal for breakfast. But she wanted pancakes, which is probably her most favorite food.

So we improvised.
Looove the look on my face.

The pancakes turned out good, and Anne Marie didn't mind the inconsistency in browning produced by the bbque. She's is pretty flexible, I must say.

She has been a fun and interesting child since she joined our family.

She was my most painful birth experience. The two epidurals they gave me did not make it where they were supposed to go, and I felt every bit of her birth. Ouch.

But the Lord made up for it by making her the easiest baby out of all six kids, by a landslide.

She was and is my Boo Boo. Adored, loved, kissed, and cuddled.

Sassy by nature, and very independant in Spirit.

We love her.

For her birthday we took two of her friends and headed across the mountains to enjoy the day on the gigantic slip and slide at the Ensign ranch.
I know that is not a picture of a gigantic slip and slide. When we arrived, we were informed we need parental permission for the two friends. Which we did not have. Anne Marie didn't even blink and eye. No fits at missing out, no tantrums at not getting what she wanted. She just agreeable agreed to a change of venue and we headed to a lake instead.

Afterwards, we partied at Anne Marie's best friend/cousin's house, Layla, and had a rip roaring good time. (what is Henry DOING?)

She got a Kit doll. We discussed ahead of time that would be her only present from mom and dad. The number of presents not an issue. Just Happy to have an American Girl Doll so she can play with sisters and cousins who have them.
To add to the days funny twists and turns, the wind in Ellensburg decided to pick up as we attempted to light the candles on the cake.

After numberous (yes, numberous) attempts, we went inside where she used her own wind to blow them out.

And to give props where they are due, Jeff made the awesome kitty cake. Pretty talented, I must say

10 reasons we love Anne Marie:
1.She is a little sassy and a lot of sweet.
2.She is never more content then when cuddling with mommy or daddy. And she calls me momma. Melts my heart every time.
3.She LOVES to play with her younger brother and sister. I'm not sure what they will do when she is at school all day.
4.She is creative in her play, and can spend hours imagining and entertaining herself and others.
5.She has more energy then anyone I know. Anne Marie hardly walks anywhere, she runs almost everywhere she goes.
6.She loves her cousins. They are like siblings to her. If Layla and Aidan lived next door, she would be in seventh heaven.
7.She is eager to obey, to be helpful, to be kind and loving. Truly.
8.For how tiny she is, she is a really big presence.
9.She is learning and growing and beginning to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
10.She has an inner beauty that we love, and we are so grateful that she is part of our family.

We love you Anne Marie!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love you Anne Marie!!!


  2. I want you to be my mom so you can say such nice things about me! What a SWEET girl you have!!

  3. Sounds like a very sweet girl. Maybe we should hook her up with my very sweet son in say, 12 years or so....:)

  4. Did you expect her to be anything but sassy-sweet-independent when naming her partly after Anne of Green Gables? She is adorable and so all-American

  5. You are so right! She is VERY SPECIAL and will someday be a very good cheerleader!!!! She holds a very special place in my heart!

  6. happy birthday miss anne marie! i sure love you!

  7. What a sweet girl! I cant see anyone that age not throwing a fit about not getting to go do what she wanted for her birthday. What a good sport!

  8. Happy Birthday!


  9. I can't believe the kids are soooo big!! Where does the time go? When I think of Anne Marie I think of her at The Loop with that oven mitt duct taped to her you remember that??? SO funny!!!! Bryce still will say from time to time he wants to go play with his friend Charlie..... We miss you guys...

    p.s. Is that Tay's old swimsuit Anne Marie is wearing????


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