Monday, August 31, 2009

First love

I remember my first boyfriend.

Pepper. Yes, that was his real name.

Naptime in kindergarten meant finding a spot on the floor where my little towel, and Pepper's little towel, both would fit.

Can you believe they had us take naps in kindergarten? We also ate graham crackers and milk everyday and there was this wonderful little kitchen where I roped Pepper into playing house with me everyday.

After kindergarten,Pepper moved a half an hour away.

It might as well have been a million miles. But my sorrow was fleeting, and pretty soon, Eric Beedle was the new focus of my attention.

But I will always remember that first love.

And so will Anne Marie. His name is Zane he is in her Primary class at church, and he is a sweet, good little boy.

But there has been some lip-locking in the middle of church.

In front of EVERYONE!

This is getting serious.

So we had a talk.

Mom: Anne Marie-I heard you and Zane kissed at church.
Anne Marie: ummmm, yes.
Mom: Are you old enough to be kissing?
Anne Marie: No
Mom: How old do you think you should be before you kiss someone?
Anne Marie: 99?
Mom: yes, that is exactly right, don't kiss anyone until your 99.
Anne Marie: Ok mom.

Crisis averted.


  1. That is hilarious! He is pretty cute does he have an older brother in his 30's not married?:)


    carly used to have a boyfriend at that age. they weren't allowed to sit next to eachother in primary because they would just kiss the whole time.


  3. Can you blame her? Zane is quite the looker....:)

    My Hannah has also already had her first kiss with a church buddy. What are they teaching those kids????

  4. This one is good.... I can tell you that this never happened in the church that I attended at her age... we were all on our knees praying all of the time. Is Zane's grandfather available for consultations??????

  5. OK, sorry, I know this won't help from a parenting standpoint...but I'd kiss that boy, too, if I were 6.


  6. I see Rochelle already told you about Carly! When she went for her Kindergarten orientation she got different rules than the other kids..."Carly, we have rules here in Kindergarten. The number one rule is 'NO KISSING'." She promptly walked over to Landon and the two started kissing!

  7. Anne Marie appears to be showing good taste at a very young age!!! A little quick on the kissing??

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!


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