Monday, July 20, 2009

To My Children

Dearest Children,

On Saturday you embarked with your father and I on a little family adventure.

With Henry and Nora snuggled safely in their backpacks, we traversed 5 miles through the Cougar Mountain area.

At first the going was quite easy.
Level paths, shady, a gentle breeze. Perfect hiking conditions.

With contentment shining on your faces, we happily went along.

But then, my darlings, something happened.

Not unlike life itself, the road started to get harder. The way, steeper. The path, more treacherous.

At first it wasn't that noticeable, happy chattering still emitting from your lovely mouths as the path began to climb.

But then, as your muscles began to ache, and your breathing became labored, you realized with much dislike, that this path we were on was suddenly much harder then it had been before.

But you pushed onward, a few of you dropped where you were, and for a brief time, refused to go a step further.

Until, until, the realization hit you that sitting where you were would not only prevent you from going forward, but it allowed you to see the trail behind you and realize that you could not go back.

So, slowly, carefully, you pulled yourselves up, you climbed that last hill, practically dragging your tired legs with you, thinking it would never end, that you were sure to die from the effort.

And then, quite suddenly, the hill was behind you, the way was level again, and the fatigue slowly eased so that we could all continue on our way.

And my dear children, you endured. Not only did you endure the path itself, and the difficulties that 5 miles of ups and downs presents to children and adults, but you endured my empassioned speech about how the path was like life, and how if we give up when it gets hard, we'll never accomplish anything.

But you didn't give up, you complained so little that my heart swelled with pride for you all.

And at the end, you experienced what all the others who have accomplished those ups and downs have felt.

An overwhelming feeling of how tough you are, that you accomplished something you weren't sure you could do. But by not giving up, you became stronger, so that the next trail with it's hills and rough terrain will not bother you.

In fact you might just say....

Bring it on!!!


  1. Thanks mom. I love the picture of henry and dad.

  2. You guys are awesome. Kate looks so epic in the last picture... like Aeowyn (spelling?) from LOTR.

  3. My did you capture life on your hike. for some of us the 5 miles is really 20 up hill with just a few flat areas but you are right.... keep on going and things always get better! Great pics!

  4. That's a nice picture of them in the second picture.

  5. I let Henry have that stick so he wouldn't scream to get to walk (I did let him walk the last mile) And in the first picture if you see the big version he is fully triumphant with it. I did get hit a few times as we passed trees through narrow parts of the trail.


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