Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lost, found, and an apology

I am happy.

What seems like years ago, actually just 2 1/2 short years, I lost my wedding ring.

During my pregnancy with Henry my fingers did their usually swelling and became too sausage like to continue wearing my wedding ring.

So I tucked it away in my jewelry box anxious for the day when the water would evaporate and my hot dog fingers would return to normal.

As time went by, my fingers did not reduce, so I purchased a fake ring to wear in the meantime.

And in the meantime, my ring sat in my jewelry box, ready to be taken out and played with by the nearest 3 year old.

As we packed our house to move from Utah, I decided to look at my ring and see if it fit.

But to my surprise and sorrow, it was not in the jewelry box!!

I didn't worry too much, I figured I would find it hidden among Anne Marie's things as we packed up.

But alas, it never showed it's lovely, memory filled, 11 years of marriage, shiny head.

I deemed it lost forever, most likely buried in the back yard where it was probably played with.

I asked the purchasers of our home is they would keep an eye out for it, but they too never chanced upon it.

So, sadly, I asked Jeffy to buy me a new ring. Which he did. And while I love my new ring (it's bigger!!) I have had a sad little spot in my heart for the ring that he placed on my finger 13 years ago.

And then, miracle of miracles!!!

Kate came to me not 1 week ago with a little gift in her hand.

"Isn't this your ring mom? The one you thought you'd lost?"

Oh, the thrill, the complete shock. I was in fact speechless, if you can imagine such a thing from me.

Where could she have found what I had deemed to be lost forever?

Anne Marie did have it, but not in the way I had suspected.

She had been playing with my little mini hope chest that I received as a senior in highschool. It's where I kept all of my concert tickets and in this instance, my wedding ring.

And then, I remembered. In my pregnant with Henry state, I had placed the ring in that little box because I felt it would be safer from little hands then the easily accessible jewelry box.

And then I promptly forgot where I put it, and blamed my innocent little 3 year old for losing it.

Dear Anne Marie,

I am sorry I thought you lost my wedding ring. I am sorry that my brain stopped working and I forgot that I was the one who had hidden it so carefully that even I forgot where it was.

I'm sorry that I secretly blamed both you and your three year-old-ness and myself for being so careless with my precious item.

I know you are a good, sweet girl, and I love you. And thank you for finding my ring.




  1. that is something I would do. and I know that sick feeling. I am SO happy you found it!!!!

  2. Oh, please, please, please let this happen to me. I lost my 'engagement' ring - my grandmothers engagement ring - years ago. Ten, to be exact. I wish I could have this kind of luck. Lucky you!

  3. I totally feel for you. I lost my center stone in our first house and never did find it. How exciting that you found it.

  4. I am sooo happy for you! Finding your first, special ring (I always loved that ring too!)is amazing and such a blessing. Don't be too hard on yourself, that memory thing only gets worse.

  5. What a great story! I love happy endings.


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