Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love naptime.Usually.

Children wake up all warm with sleep lines on their faces, still feeling cuddly, and in a much better mood then when they went down.

This wonderful time of day lasts til different ages with different children.

For my kids, somewhere around ages 2.5 to 3, naptime has consequences I am usually not willing to live with.

While the naptime itself is wonderful, it tends towards a phenomenon called: "I fell asleep in the car and now I feel so great that it will be impossible to get me to bed on time"

Case in point.

Henry fell asleep in the car yesterday at 4:45.

I woke him up, since I am knowledgable about the won't go to sleep at night side effect.

I brought him in, still crabby since he didn't sleep very long, and set him down so that I could carry my bags into the kitchen.

After 10 minutes of other distractions, I wondered, "Where is Henry?"

Our search for him led us to this:

He looked so sweet curled up on the stuffed cheetah, that I just left him.

When Jeff came home half an hour later, he picked Henry up and sat with him on the couch to wake him up.

Instead Henry fell asleep again on the couch until 7:30. By that time I figure the damage had already been done.

This next picture was taken at 11:09 pm last night.

Finally at midnight he "let" me put him to bed.

I'm thinking next time he falls asleep we may have to try more drastic measures.

Ice cubes down the shirt?
Air horn?
Feather on the nose?
Any ideas?


  1. Is Kate and Julia's room being changed arund? Was that there wardrobe/cabinet thing?


  2. I know the feeling. I get trapped in my own house because if I leave to go to the store too late, I know Russel will fall asleep on the way there, wake up at the store and think he's had his nap and be a screaming banshee by dinner time.

    Also, what's this about children waking up in a better mood after naps? I would know nothing of the sort... (ok Tucker does, but Russel doesn't.. so much so that it negates Tucker's good moods) Count yourself LUCKY!

  3. i wish i had the answer. Dana gave up naps too early...if she napped, she didn't go to to bed at night; if she doesn't nap, she's a crabby-pants.

  4. try takeing a bag of ice and put it on the inside of his shirt.


  5. Henry let you put him to bed at midnight. That is really super late.



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