Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Tip Friday

This is my-I'm too lazy to try it myself but I'm sure it works great-tip.

When we moved into our new house one year ago, the kind woman from Harbour Homes told us that if we put Rain-X on the glass in the shower, it would repel soap scum and the like and keep everything looking nice.

I haven't done it, yet.

I have a bottle of Rain-X under my bathroom sink all ready to go.

Everytime I take a shower and look at the accumulating soap scum, I think, "I should really put that Rain-X on". But my productive side has yet to convince my lazy side to do it.

Will it really repel soap scum? Will the water trickle down in little beads like it does on my windshield?

You know what? Now I'm curious, I'm going to go try it and see what happens.

And why don't you all go ahead and do it too, and tell me how it goes. Ok?

Thank you very much.

1 comment:

  1. It works. It also works great on windows that get hit with sprinklers. (not that that's a problem for you any more - but hard water makes a MESS) I hope to heck you have it on your car window. LIFE SAVER in the NW!


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