Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Allergic to goodness

Our family has a host of food allergy-related issues.

Here is a list of foods different members of my family cannot eat.

Things that will kill Jeff:

Things that send Jeff's nose a-twittering and throat a-scratching:
2.Fresh fruits and vegetables
3.Almonds, walnuts, pecans

Things that make Henry break out into a rash:
5.Anything with sorbitol

Then you add in things that my family can eat but won't, and you're left with a huge effort involved every time you make dinner.

So we eat a lot of beef and pork in our house, since I love my husband and do not want him to die. However, beef and pork every day of the week cannot be the best thing for you.
So I decided to try vegetarian meals twice a week, just to give our hearts and bodies a break.
Remembering though, that it cannot have any soy products in it because Jeff is allergic to soy.

So with all of these pre-requisites I attempted to make something yummy and vegetarian for dinner.

It was a thai dish, with vegetables and a peanut sauce over whole wheat noodles.

I really loved it.

As Jeff spooned some for himself, I could see him digging through the vegetables looking for something.

"There's no meat" I said.

"Oh" was his response.

I think it went over well, don't you?


  1. I love it! I love it! I love it! Oh, do I relate...brings back soooo many memories. Well Amy, I am one person in the world who can feel your frustration, I relate. I feel your pain. I have witnessed the great job you are doing at searching out those allergies and proactively making your family safe and well. Congratulations on your success. Love, Donna

  2. It was delicious, by the way. I just hadn't been prepared for it. :-) Amy takes good care of us! I love you!

  3. hahaha! i think your family doesn't know how good they have it. you're so awesome to go out of your way to cook yummy meals. my kids are so picky that i've given up. :( (plus, i'm not a very good cook anyway!)

    I'll email you my trick to making pictures larger in blogger! It's pretty easy! :)


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