Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The week after girls camp, we packed up the family and headed to Utah. 

1. To drop Charlie and Julia off at EFY. 
2. To spend the week doing fun stuff with the younger three kids.
3. To pick Kate up in between terms so she could come home for Nora's baptism. 

I was not a very good picture taker. That is sad. So my oldest three aren't in these pictures at all. Maybe Jeff took some. But he doesn't share. Just kidding. I didn't ask. 

 I did get a picture of Kate's dorm from the outside looking in. What is the point of that when there are no people in it? I have no idea.

We hiked the Y though, and I made sure to document it. Its a big rock Y on the side of the hill overlooking Provo and BYU. It felt like a million degrees. It probably wasn't. We just aren't use to being that close to the sun where we come from.

So breathtaking. I really do love Utah. I have lived there 7 years total in my life. And the place just holds a special place in my heart.

We also hit two great food places that our friends recommended. One had amazing philly cheesesteaks. And I don't even like philly cheesesteak.

 The other was Ruby snap cookies. Yum. Yum. Double Yum.

And finally this gal. We've been besties since 1992. And we don't look a day older. Ha! Ok, we don't look more than a year older. Ok,we don't look more than a decade older. Ok, well at least will always be young at heart:)

Things I wish I had taken pictures of:

-7 peaks water park with my family.
-Eden, Ut. Fun little town in the mountains. The lake was pretty great and our time share was beautiful and had the best pool ever. 
-Our friends Cindy and Fred. Two of the best people on the planet. Did I take even one picture? No. 
-BYU. Any part of it. Not counting Kate's dorm room looking in. 

I love my family though and it was so great to have the 8 of us back together. Even for a little bit. How many more times will I be forced to say that the rest of my life? Don't answer that. 

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