Monday, August 1, 2016

Miss Nora

 Sweet little Nora was born 8 years ago. Finding out I was pregnant with her was the biggest surprise and turned out to be such a wonderful blessing. She is a smart, funny, adorable little girl who truly brightens the lives of everyone she knows. This past year has been the year of Harry Potter for her. She read the first 5 books before she turned 8 and is now finishing the 7th. She loves Harry and Hermione and Ron and Luna Lovegood most of all. So what else do you do for a Harry Potter fan who is turning 8 but to have a Harry Potter Party?

Luckily for her, Julia is an amazing artist and so Nora awoke to a picture of her favorite hero. 

She also genuinely dreams of being a quidditch player. So I was not surprised at all when she asked for a quidditch uniform. Not a costume, because then that would make it make believe. And we all know that Harry Potter is a real person;)

This thing was a labor of love. Yes, that is a golden snitch pinata. Yes, I am the best mom in the world. 

And what is a Harry Potter birthday party without a Happee Birthdae Harry cake?
Some very exciting things happen in our family when you turn 8. If you are a girl you get your ears pierced. Yay! And boy or girl, when you turn 8 you are baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Nora was so happy to be baptized. She waited an extra month to do it so that Kate would be home between terms at BYU. The spirit was so strong at her baptism. Her siblings all sang and it was beautiful for this mama to have her baby in her little white dress sitting next to her while her older children sang like angels. Life is so good. 

I highly recommend having six children if you don't already. I know it seems like a big number, but your heart and your mind and your capabilities all grow to meet the challenge. Marrying Jeff and having these 6 children have been the 7 best decisions I have ever made.

Now some lovely things about Nora, because she is so lovely.

1. Nora is always happy. Always. People say that and don't mean it. But I mean it. Because its true. Sure she gets annoyed at her siblings sometimes, but she literally runs around the house singing and laughing and bringing joy.

2. Nora is incredibly smart. The world just makes sense to her, math included. She is bright and capable and so fun to talk to.

3. She loves candy. She probably asks for it every day. Her dad is the same way. Inherited or learned, I'm not sure, but perhaps she has a sweetness quotient that the rest of us don't.  Either way the girl loves sugar.

4. Puppies. Who doesn't love a puppy? But do you have a million stuffed little puppy dogs, do you have a puppy calendar and a puppy poster? And do you ask your mom at least once a week what kind of dog we are going to get when we buy a house? I didn't think so. But Nora, puppies are her thing.

5. Friends. Almost every day after school, "Mom can I have a play date with....." insert friend's name. She loves her friends. She is very loyal and forgiving and enjoys being with them. I think she is a very good friend to many, so she has many friends. Its a talent I believe.

6. Gluten free. Nora cannot eat gluten. None. Not even a tiny spec. But we have lots of her favorite things that are gluten free in our pantry, ready to go. She has a good attitude about it, even when it can be hard to watch other kids eat a cupcake and you have your gluten free cookie that mom sent from home:( She handles it better than I do.

7. Shoes, and clothes and sparkly things are her favorite. (besides candy). She loves pretty things to wear and bright happy colors, kind of like her mom :0

8. Snuggler extraordinaire. Seriously she could teach a class on giving good hugs. She hugs me a million times a day ( if I don't hug her first). She hugs all of her siblings. I think she lives off of them. The rest of us need air, Nora needs hugs. And once you have experienced one of her hugs, you realize you need them too:)

Happy Birthday sweet Nora. I am so glad you came to our family 8 years ago.

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