Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Dad gets all the credit, and Mom is a slacker

I know that scouting is not just a Mormon thing. But it is a huge deal in our culture. Most boys participate, many of them going on to earn their Eagle Scout.

They start out in cub scouts, working their way through Wolf Den, Bear Den and then Webelos. When they turn 11 they move onto Boy Scouts.

When you complete all the requirements for Webelos, you go to you last Pack Meeting, and if you've worked very hard you also will have earned the Arrow of Light.

Well, Charlie, and Jeff, worked very hard and Charlie earned his Arrow of Light. Traditionally, the boys pin the pin they earn with each advancement onto their moms. See photo:)

However, while I play a role in helping him earn his Wolf and Bear badge and pin ( I was his den leader for a while) Jeff really was the one who helped Charlie earn his Webelos badge and pin. His den leaders obviously play a big role as well since they head up weekly activities where the boys can earn stuff.

But throughout the night, and before each time he pinned one on me-one for his Webelos advancement, one for earning his Arrow of Light, he reminded me that Dad helped him, not me. "Why isn't dad getting this instead of you?"

But it's tradition for the moms to get the pin. Why? I don't  know. Maybe it's cuz I drove him to so many things and sewed on his badges. Do you know how NOT easy that is? Maybe it's cuz I have made treats for many pack meetings on his behalf. Maybe it's cuz I'm the one who forced him to go the many times he didn't feel like it. And it was all worth it as he beamed during the special ceremony they held for his Arrow of Light award.

But maybe Jeff and I can just share the pins? I'm not begrudging Jeff his role in this. I KNOW that he was instrumental in helping Charlie, and me, not so much.

But I'm a little miffed at my say whatever he thinks son. His mind obviously just remembers the last few months, and not the years before that.

That's ok. I'm not vengeful. I will just wait until he needs cookies for something, or a ride somewhere, or help finding his scout shirt, and I will remind him that I'm not the one who does those things, dad is.

And he will say, "But dad isn't here. He's at work!" And then I will give a diabolical laugh and throw something at him.

Hee hee.

No really, I am proud of Charlie. He has not naturally love Scouts the way some kids do. I have pushed him and reminded him how much girls like a guy that's an Eagle Scout. And the road to that is lined with Merit Badges and hikes and campouts and other stuff that is work but also a lot of fun. So for him to have worked to get his Arrow of Light is really great. And I'm excited for him to move onto to Boy Scouts now.

But I'm still not going to bake him any more cookies;)


  1. This is hilarious Amy! I can so relate! I am such a clueless scout mom. I'm getting the hang of the Cub Scout stuff, but all the boy scout merit badge things intimidate me! Kev definitely helps a lot more than I do with that stuff! BUT, we moms do SO MUCH that the kids never even notice. I often remind my kids of that too.... he he. I love you lots! Oh, and Charlie is growing up WAY too fast. He is such a handsome guy!

  2. Taken for granted, that's what we are!!!!


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