Monday, March 11, 2013

Being a Wicked Witch has it's perks

So, once again, we attended a play.

This time Julia shined brightly as the Wicked Witch of the West, Evilene, in a production of the Wiz.

Our little family waited patiently for the evening to start.

Kate is always so supportive of her siblings. What a gal.

And our grandparents from the burg came to see and support. Thank you so much! More grandparents and aunts and cousins next week too!

I heard Julia practicing a little around the house. But I did not hear the full version until opening night. I already know her vocal capabilities, but she blew me away.

I bawled during her song. Literally. Kate and I both cried as we told her how amazed by her we were.

And when her skirt came undone during her song, she handled it beautifully and didn't miss a beat vocally. Her focus was on her skirt for a moment or so, but I'm glad. Even though she has bike shorts underneath, no mother wants to see their daughter on stage like that! Obviously Julia felt the same and made getting her skirt back together a priority.

But at curtain call, her Lord High Underling, who she torments during the play, "accidentally" stepped on her skirt as they walked across the stage. Again, luckily she had bike shorts on underneath because there was a full reveal that time. I laughed and laughed because it seemed Lord High Underling got his revenge. It really was an accident, but they were both so mortified that it was cute.

I had to post the happy, non-evil picture of her as Evilene.

She just blew it out of the water. Seriously. I am still stunned by her performance. Her number is in the middle of the play, and it infuses some life into everything. Most of the songs are a little slower, and then Evilene gets to come along and rock the joint.

We are so proud of you Julia.

I can't imagine that there are not big things in your future.


  1. YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JULIA!!!!! FANTASTIC! love you! you were great honey!

  2. Maybe we should get an autograph before fame makes them expensive!! Grandpa and I can hardly wait to see that play on the 16th!!

  3. What an amazing family you have Amy!!


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