Tuesday, December 4, 2012

(The image is blurry because apparently someone switched my focus from auto to manual. And I didn't notice? I'm not sure how)

Why is it that Sunday's are so exhausting? He falls asleep on a couch or chair every Sunday afternoon it seems. He works hard all week for us and then needs a little snooze now and then.

I love this man.


  1. such a nice post. they do work hard, don't they? i wish there were more hours in the night for them to rest.

    Umm..i bought these same curtains!

    1. I just took them back last night. I loved them, but they weren't lighting up the room the way I wanted them too. Those dang black couches overwhelm everything!

  2. funny, i should have had you take mine back, as well. since i've had them for at least six months and can't find a place for them!! :) I keep hoping to make them work. i'm afraid at this rate, someday i'll have to go all "sound of music" and sew my family "play clothes" out of the fabric.


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