Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poor man's Gingerbread houses

Every year we slap together "gingerbread" houses as a family. Really they are usually graham cracker houses.

But as long as there is frosting and candy involved, no one seems to mind the poor man's version.

We also had special guests this year.

Jeff's brother Dave and his darling wife Rachel joined us for what I'm sure what a very loud evening:)

Jeff is the master of these houses. I just take pictures while he helps the kids. Oh, and I'm also good for noticing dirty windows. Sheesh.

I'm not going to say that gingerbread houses have lost some of their magic for Kate and Julia. I'm just not. Cuz that would be sad.

I will comment though, on the difficulty of keeping graham cracker houses standing.


Again though, it's really more about the candy and frosting, right? Especially when the frosting is in the hair. Saving for later is always a good idea I say.

At the end, we had just a few that were still standing and had not been stripped of all their candy. Dave and Rachel took theirs home to snack on for later:)

Oh, and like my table? I will try and post about that tomorrow. If you notice, it is no longer brown oak. Yay!!!!

A special thanks to Rachel and Dave for enduring 3 hours of flying frosting, falling down houses and lots of noise. It was super fun having you!!!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome!! I am SO doing this with my kids!! LOVE the white table...

  2. We did giant gingerbread men this year so we didn't have to keep them standing!

  3. We love gingerbread house making!! (I made ginger snaps just last night to get me in the mood!) Really, though, I'm taking time to post about what a gorgeous picture that is of Nora, frosting and all! :-)

    Merry Christmas Allens!!


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